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Get The Discovery, (, appears to be another scam but let’s dig in and check it out to see if it’s the real deal.  Can we really make money with this.  They say even an eight year old child did.

Product: Get The Discovery


Owner: Ron Porter

Price: $97.

Recommended: No

Get The Discovery

What Is Get The Discovery

This Get The Discovery site just reeks of a scam.  Just like all the other similar sites, they never tell you how you can expect to make money with this system.  Here are some similar sites I’ve reviewed:

Get weekly Paychecks
Writing To Wealth
EZ Bay Payday
Club 365
Rapid Profit system

In fact it is not even a system.  It’s just one page, a sales page.  This page is mostly just a place to post their sales video.  Like all the other sites, they make big claims, like you can make $500. to $1,000. or even more, a day.

They claim An eight-year-old made $490,600. using a weird trick that you can also use.  Get The Discovery is a new site that I just discovered online.

They claim to provide people with a “done for you” money making, system.  I can tell you, those “done for you” systems do not work. Search engines don’t like pages that all look alike and that is what this “done for you” system would be.

It would look just like everyone else who signs up for it.  I’ve been making money online for a while now and I know what it takes to make money. It’s a lot of work and it takes a lot of time to be successful with it.

Ron Porter, the owner, claims he was just where you are at now, just a short time ago.  Then he discovered this weird trick that took him from making $9.50 an hour to $2,751 his first month using his newly discovered one weird trick.

He claims today he makes insane amounts of money and lives the life of his dreams.  Now he is willing to share this “done for you” system with you so you can also make money.

He knows you can do it because it is so simple even an eight-year-old did it.

This claim is just an out and out lie!  No eight year old or anyone else signing on to this system is going to make $490,600.

Making money online is a lengthy process.  It starts with you helping others solve their problems and building trust in your website.

It takes a lot of visitors to your site to start making money.  Visitors don’t just show up on your website out of nowhere.  You have to get your site ranked in search engines so folks can find it.

Then you must have content that they are looking for, that gives them answers and solutions, to bring them to your website.


How Does Get The Discovery Work

When you land on Ron’s page you’ll have to watch a sales video.  He explains that what you’ll be getting is a one-page website where you’ll have products for people to buy.

It sounds like affiliate marketing but since it’s so vague, it’s hard to know. This is common with this type of website for them to not actually tell you how are you’ll make money.

If you continue watching the video, it finally comes to the point where you have to sign up. That will cost you $97. when you go ahead and click through, and you’ll find it takes you to another scam system called job Killer, by someone named Rocky.

I’ve seen reviews on that one too. They are the same system, just under different names, and Job Killer was just a sales page for another site that I’ve written a review on called My Ecom Club

So, after going through all the steps to get to the bottom line, you’ll find this is just another sales page leading to My Ecom Club.

Is get the discovery of scam

It certainly has all the red flags of a scam, such as claims of big money,  making money fast, so easy a child can do it, very little effort required and very very vague, don’t tell you how you will make money.

Another big red flag is that all the testimonials are fake. These testimonials are all done by hired actors that you hire from Fiverr and similar sites and you can find the same actors all over the internet using different names.

I know how to make money online and this is not the way. In order to make money online you need to get traffic to your site and that takes time and a lot of work. I can’t recommend this product.

How I Make Money Online

I make money online with affiliate marketing. In my opinion affiliate marketing is the best and most profitable way to make money online. With the affiliate marketing platform the sky is the limit to how much you can make.

There are no limitations on it. It’s not quick. It takes time to get traffic coming to your website and without traffic you make no money. There is a process to getting the traffic you need to your website.

Some folks pay search engines to send them traffic but if you take the time to set up your website the right way you won’t need to pay for the traffic. You can get as much traffic as you need for a free.

When I first tried affiliate marketing, I failed miserably, because I didn’t know how the process worked. One day while surfing the web, I discovered wealthy Affiliate and that’s where my marketing career begin to achieve success.

You can learn from the same place where I learned and it’s free to get started. If you want to make real money online and avoid all the scam sites, click on the green button below and get started now for free.

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