Club 365 Review:Scam Or Can I Make Money

Club 365 Review


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Are you excited to make some big money online with Club 365? Well don’t raise your hopes too high. This has tons of red flags, so let’s check it out before you dive in.

Product: Club 365

Website: which diverts to

Owner: Justin Powell (fake name)

Price: $27.99 plus up sells

Recommended: No

Well, this was a little confusing. When you type in their URL you are immediately take to another URL website called click funnel.

Justin claims to have created a new system for making big bucks with not too much effort spent. It says this system is by invitation only membership. This is funny because everyone is invited.

When you join by using your invitation you’ll be able to harness “Wealth Creation Secrets” that will give you the ability to earn $362., $578., or even $1,297. a day.

These are the claims made by Justin but can this really be true. It sounds a little outrageous to me but let’s dig in and check it out. We’ll give you all the details so that you can make an educated decision.

What Is Club 365

Join the club and start building the life of your dreams. Justin claims that his new secret system is so simple that even the newbies can do it.

You’ll be using the latest and greatest way to make money online, according to Justin. This product claims to provide over $8,000. worth of value for the mere low price of $27.99

I can see red flags flying high right off the bat with this one. Once again, make unrealistic amounts of money, fast cash, very little effort needed, newbies can do it, you get the picture.

I review a lot of these products and I have learned to spot the scams in a slit second. Another easy clue is that Justin is not really his name. It’s a fake name, (he calls it a pen name) and he even tells you that right in his disclaimer.

At this point I have to admit, this product is sounding a lot like some of the other not so favorable websites. Let’s keep going and see what we find.

How Does Club 365 Work

I can tell you right now that after taking a closer look, this system does not live up to the claims that are being made. If this was legit why would the owner need to hide behind a fake name. Is he ashamed of his system?

You would think if his system was so great that it is changing lives by offering folks a way to make money, he should be thrilled to share.

He peeks a higher interest by saying, you need to hurry because this offer will be taken down soon. It won’t! Also, he prices it low so people will think, “What the heck, if it fails that’s not too big a loss”.

This product plays on the chance that because it’s priced this low, you’ll just forget about it and won’t bother filing for a refund.

The truth is the only one who is going to make any real money here is the owner that is hiding behind the fake name. This system can’t work for you. First of all, you don’t even know how you’re supposed to make all that money. It’s just too vague.

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What You Get For Your Money

So you do get a little value for your money in the form of training. See the list below:

  • ecommerce training
  • cryptocurrency training
  • affiliate marketing training
  • list of paid survey sites
  • marketing tool recommendation

Here’s the thing about this training that you really need to know. One thing is that they don’t go deep enough into any of the training to get you making money. I don’t think they even know how.

It’s just simply too vague. You’ll need way more than that. Another thing is, you can find every single bit of the training they offer by doing a search on the internet for free.

One more thing wrong here is that support is slim to none with this system and you’re going to need a ton of support when you’re getting started with making money online.

Is Club 365 A Scam

club 365 reviewNo, it’s not a complete scam. They give you some training even though it won’t be enough for you to make money but you will learn a few good things with it.

There is a difference between scam and misleading. This one is very misleading. They draw you in with over the top promises because they know how desperate you are to make money.

If you are serious about wanting to make money online and are willing to put in the effort it takes to get there, then read on.

How I Make Money Online

I was just like you a couple of years ago. I was struggling and needed to find a way to make money. The difference between me and some others is that I didn’t trust any of these “get-rich-quick” schemes.

I was so skeptical that I almost let the one that was the real deal slip through my fingers. I took a few more looks at it though, and evenually took a chance on it.

The day I signed up to Wealthy Affiliate was a life changing day for me. I only signed up because it was free and I din’t have to enter a credit card to sign up. This is the most awesome training I have ever seen online.

I learned everything I need to know to get my online business up and running and making money. It was far from easy but the journey was so worth it.

I learned things I had never even heard of and the thing is, even though I have a successful, money making business, the learning never ends. New training is added every day.

Wealthy Affiliate is not just about training though, it also includes all the things listed below:

  • unlimited training
  • quick WordPress installer
  • keyword research tool
  • SSL certificate for all websites
  • 24/7 support
  • Live chat
  • A community of over 1.5 million members
  • content editor with free images to choose from
  • hundreds of video tutorials and live webinars
  • free site backup
  • web hosting

I’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg here. There is so much more to this platform. It’s an amazing site and you can check it out for free. This is the exact same place where I learned everything I needed to know to start making money online and you can too.

If you want to make money online and start your own online business, you won’t find a better place to learn how. Sign up now and check it out for free!

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