Is Paid Social Media Jobs Legit Or Scam: 2018 Review

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Are you wondering if Paid Social Media Jobs is legit?  I know it’s very tempting for some people to jump in and join a program like this because a lot of folks are struggling for money to pay the bills  and programs like this look good on the surface.  I hope my review will give you the information you need to make an educated decision.
Product: Paid Social Media JobsWebsite: paidsocialmediajobs.comOwner/Founder: Annie Jones ?  (possibly fake)Price: $27. + Downsell $17. + Upsell $37.


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What Is Paid Social Media Jobs

Paid Social Media Jobs is a platform that has training that is suppose to teach you how to get paying social media jobs.  Their training consist of several modules including understanding what a social media manager does, how to get started as a social media manager, finding clients and the advanced training.

The advance training is just more like a summary of the first three trainings.

The jobs they talk about are just freelancing jobs where you help companies manage their social media accounts.  These jobs include posting on facebook and other social medias, setting up social media accounts, replying to comments and getting likes, followers and/or subscribers.



paid social media job reviewHow Does It Work

Paid Social Media Jobs provides you with training where you will learn how to use the marketplace database to find new clients.

Step-by-Step Training

Yes, there is quite a bit of “information” within their platform and yes it is arranged in a step-by-step manner.

So I guess they get some credit for the fact that at least you’re getting something for your money.

But like I’ve mentioned earlier on, the training is not really a “training”. It’s just full of information which can be found online for FREE.

Also, you’re only learning the “What” and “Why” instead of the most important “How”.

We all know that social media is a big part of how we get our businesses out there on the web.  It helps bring visitors to our websites and helps turn those visitors into customers.

We also know that social media is time consuming so a lot of us turn to hiring others to handle that part of business for us.

The thing is, if you’re already a social media expert you on’t need Paid Social Media Jobs to help you find jobs.  Word of mouth will get you more jobs than you can do.  If you’re good enough to get the job you’ll have a following.  Folks will find you.    Paid Social Media Jobs doesn’t really find you a job anyway.

What Paid Social Media Jobs mostly does for you is help you create a resume rather than teach you how to use social media.  If you’re not already an expert don’t bother.  There are so many experts out there that will get the job over you.  The resume won’t be of much help if you don’t know how to grow social media brands or how to engage with customers.

Is It A Scam

No, I don’t believe Paid Social Media Jobs is a scam. It is promoting a legit business model and they have some decent training. So in that case, I wouldn’t call it a scam.

I think if you are qualified to be a social media manager you can find more work than you would have time for.  You don’t need these people to show you how to write a resume.  They do have a lot of information there but it’s not anything you can’t do on your own.

However, that doesn’t mean I recommend this product.

I DO NOT recommend Paid Social Media Jobs because I don’t think it’s the right product to help you become a profitable social media manager.  Instead I think your time could be much better spent creating your own successful business to make money online.  I’ll tell you about the awesome platform I use to make money.

A Better Way T Make Money Online

I know Social Media Manager is a legitimate job and I have no doubts that they make some money but I really don’t recommend using Paid Social Media to get the job.  If you know how to properly do the job of a social media manager you won’t need Paid Social Media Jobs to help you.  You can get the job on your own.

If you really want to make money online, the best way to do that is to create your own online business that over time will become a passive income that will sustain you and last for years to come.

You’re here looking for make money opportunities because you not only want more money but more time for your family, for yourself and for the things you want to do.

So, if you want to become a social media manager, you’re still trading time for money, which will never allow you to achievement time freedom.

My top recommended way to make passive income online is via Affiliate Marketing.

In Affiliate Marketing, you’re building your own “Online Asset”, which is your website. Your website can be working for you 24/7/365, right?

Humans need to rest but websites don’t. Not only that, you can be running your business all over the world thanks to the Internet.

That’s why I really love this business model.

In fact, with affiliate marketing…

I’m earning a steady monthly income that I can depend on.  I own my own successful online business.  I will be able to pass it on to my family or sell it for a lot of money.

You can learn to do what I do to make money online at the same place where I learned.  The training is awesome, the community is so helpful and there is great 24/7 support.

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