Get Weekly Paychecks Review: Another Scam Or Can I Make Money

Get Weekly Paychecks

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Are you wondering if get weekly paychecks system can help you make $500 to $2,000 a week or is it just another scam out to take your hard-earned money?

My review will clear it all up for you and show you what it’s all about.  These programs/systems are dime-a-dozen, there are so many of them out there but most of them deliver almost nothing on any of their promises.


Product: Get Weekly Paychecks


Owner: Unknown

Price: $45/mo  plus $40 one time fee

Recommended: No


What Is Get Weekly Paychecks

Get Weekly Paychecks is a sales funnel that promotes only one thing and that one thing is a roadside assistance service called MCA or Motor Club of America.  

It’s limited because they only service the US and Canada. The real truth is you don’t even need to be paying $45 a month to be a member of Get Weekly Paychecks in order to promote MCA.

They have a direct referral program which means you can just request to be an affiliate directly with them.

There’s also another system out there called Wi-Fi wealth system that you can use to recommend to promote MCA without paying a fee.  I don’t recommend it either.

Get Weekly Paychecks is limited because you’re only able to promote one thing with them and it’s limited to the US and Canada.  

Your time would be much better spent creating an online business of your own where you could promote many things all over the world.

Some other similar sites Ive review:


How Does Get Weekly Paychecks Work


What you do is join Get Weekly Paychecks and pay a monthly fee of $45. and a one time fee of $40. Then you will have access to their sales video and AD campaigns.

You can copy and paste the ad campaigns on social media and use paid ads to promote MCA. They’re using you to promote MCA for them and you’re paying for the ads.

I doubt that you’ll be getting many takers that will sign up and you won’t make much money. In fact you’ll Probably spend more than you make.

Get Weekly Paychecks also does help you some because you can get their sales video and their ad campaigns but it’s not going to be enough to make you much money.

Most folks have the option to sign up for this when they purchase their car insurance so there goes most of your customers before you even get started.

Another thing to consider is that all of Get Weekly Paychecks members use the same promotional material that you will so there is no way to make yourself stand out from all the rest


Get Weekly PaycheckIs Get Weekly Paycheck A Scam

No, it’s not a scam. You will be able to make a little money but it won’t be as great as they say it is. You will never make the kind of money they speak of in the video or even close.

I’ve reviewed many systems that have hyped up promises of making very large amounts of money but very few of them live up to the promises. If you want to make real money online there are better ways.

I wouldn’t waste my time with this one.  I’ll show you one that’s tried and true and if you like, you can even add MCA to your own business


How I Make Money Online

I discovered a website a couple of years ago while surfing the internet that had an amazing platform for learning.  

It offered a free starter membership. I was skeptical of joining at first but since I didn’t have to give any credit card info I thought it would be safe.

You see I had been trying to start an online business for years only to have every one of them fail. I thought if I set up a beautiful website it would just automatically get visitors.

It never got one visitors.  You see I didn’t know what I didn’t know.  I’ve since learned that to get visitors you first need a lot of content on your site, you need to optimize it for search engines, S.E.O. as well, and you need to add in relevant, targeted, keywords.

I had never even heard of these things before, let alone knowing how to do them. The website I discovered was Wealthy Affiliate.

The minute I signed up for free and got inside, I started the training. It recommended that I also set up a free website so that I could follow along with the training.

I was amazed at how much I was learning. It was all laid out so simple and had task to complete at the end of every lesson.

Some would groan at doing the task but it’s by doing that we learn.  You will remember it’s easier if you are actually practicing it.

Anyway, by the time I got through the first course, entrepreneur certification, I had my online business up and running.

Granted, it still needed a lot of work but I have plenty more training left that would teach me everything I needed to do that would make my business a success.

I was getting a few visitors to my site and about six or seven months in, I got my first sale. Now I get sign ups on a regular basis and have created a regular monthly income I can depend on.

The day I discovered wealthy affiliate was life changing for me because without it I would never have learned how making money online really works and what you have to do to achieve success with it.

You can learn from the exact same place that helped me start my online business. Don’t waste your time with scams that promise the world, take your money and never fulfill their promises.


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