Writing To Wealth: Scam Or Easy Money

Writing To Wealth

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Writing to Wealth is no joke but is this system the right way to do it?  I’ve been reviewing a lot of sites like this online and I can tell you, this Writing To Wealth system is not what you need.

Product: Writing To Wealth

Website: writingtowealth.com

Owner: unknown

Price: $34. + Upsells

Recommended: No

​We’ll give you all the details below including:

  • What is Writing To wealth
  • How does Writing To Wealth work
  • Is Writing To Wealth a scam
  • A better way to make money writing


Writing To Wealth 

What is Writing To Wealth

​If you join up and become a member of Writing To Wealth, you’ll be able to access lists of writing gigs that are only available to members and they say you can make up to $325. per job.   A lot of bloggers are searching for writers to write their blog post for them because they are just too busy to get it all done.

There is also a lot of short article jobs available.  Thousands of jobs will be available on their database, which is updated daily , even on weekends and holidays.  If you’re not making at least $100./a day, then you’re just not using the database properly.

The truth is, you’re not really going to $100./a day because you’re going to need training and guidance which you won’t get from Writing To Wealth.

One little secret I’ll share here is you can find sources for writing jobs by searching online for free.  These are places where you can find real writing jobs  that are legit and you will get paid.  These are all legit sources and well known.  You can hire a writer or be a writer.  These sites come highly recommended.

See a few of these I’ve given you below.

  • upwork.com
  • textbroker.com
  • fiverr.com
  • ineedarticles.com

How Does Writing To Wealth Work

Writing To Wealth is not there to help you make money.  They are only there to make money for them.  It’s great to make money as long as you’re not scamming people out of there hard earned money  They need to provide value if they take your money.

Here are a few other reviews I’ve done on some similar sites:

In my opinion, it’s not value when all they offer is information that you can easily find on the internet for free. They don’t offer any training on how to write or tell you what S.E.O is and how to incorporate it into your writing or anything about how to write for the internet.

They also don’t teach you anything about keywords, how to use them or even what they are.  There really is no program here.  About all you get is a list of writing jobs you can apply for.

This site is so misleading in that they exaggerate the income claims and tell you anyone can do it.  It’s misleading because it requires a certain knowledge and skill set to write for the internet.  If you don’t have that, you can’t do it.

They make it sound so simple, quick and easy but I can tell you from experience, it takes a lot of time to research the subject matter as well as the keywords.  Most jobs will require between 1,000-5,000 words.  That’s not an easy task for a new writer.

The more you write, the faster and better you should get.

Writing To WealthIs Writing To Wealth A Scam

I’ll let you be the judge on that but I don’t think Writing To Wealth is a scam.  There are people out there who know how to write but don’t know where to find writing jobs.This site could be very helpful to them because of the database for writing jobs.

Those folks could find real value with Writing To Wealth and could make some money.  One thing you should understand though, just joining this program does not guarantee you the job.  You will still have to apply.

Then it depends on whether the client is satisfied with the article and how many gigs you get that will determine how much money you will make.  So for all the reasons above, I don’t recommend this platform.  There are many better ways to make money online.

How I Make Money Online

I have been working online for several years now but it has not always been very successful.  I was floundering because I didn’t understand how to really make money online.

I had done ecommerce, Ebay, surveys and all kinds of other things but nothing seemed to work for me.  I just completely lacked direction.  I knew others were having success but it just wasn’t happening for me.

My lack of success didn’t stop me though so I kept on searching for answers.  I was always searching for “ways to make money online” and finally about 1 1/2 years ago, I found my answer.

I was searching very late one night and was about to give up when I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate.  I was skeptical at first but when I realized I could sign up for free and didn’t have to insert my credit card info, I joined for free.

After getting on the website and looking around a bit, someone advised me to start the training so I did just that.  I finished the first lesson and just could not stop.

It was so inspiring to be putting a plan in place to start my own online business.  I had two free websites up and working so I could use them to complete the task at the end of each lesson.

I completed the Entrepreneur certification course in about seven days and  by this time I had started my online business without even realizing it just by following the training.  I was ready for more.

I updated to premium and kept right on going with the training and have finally achieved the success I had been so desperately looking for for so long.

You can’t do it alone.  There is just too many things you need to know in order to achieve success online.  The problem was, I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

You can learn how to start your own online business from the exact same place where I learned.  It’s the best business model on the internet for becoming successful online.

Give it a try and get started for free.

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