Passive Income Machine Review: Scam Or Can I Really Make $2K a Month

Passive Income Machine Review


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Are you here checking out this review because you want to make money online and are wondering if this Passive Income Machine system would be the right fit for you?  Let’s check it out and see what we can find.

Product: Passive Income Machine


Owner: Paul Nicholls & Trevor Carr

Price: $9.95 & Upsells

Recommended: No

Passive Income Machine Review

What Is Passive Income Machine

The expected end result of this Passive Income Machine System is to earn recurring income, also called passive income.  You’ll get sixteen videos in this system, nine of these are by Paul and seven are by Trevor.

These videos are going to teach you the tricks of the trade and how you will be able to create your own Passive Income System.  They say they’ll show you exactly how to set up your own membership site.

People will pay you a certain amount of money every month to belong to your tribe or group.  Paul teaches one way to use this system by using a membership site with a plugin on wordpress but Trevor teaches a different way with a Facebook group, no website needed.



How Does Passive Income Machine Work

  • Fast and Easy Income
  • Generate Passive Income on AutoPilot
  • 100% Newbie Friendly
  • No Website Needed
  • $2,000. every month

These are just a few of the claims they make in the sales page but is this really true.  I don’t think so.  Like so many of the scam sites you see these days, they all make these big claims without much real information.

They say you can make huge amounts of Passive Income Online whether you have a website or don’t.  You can do it Trevors way by using Facebook groups to create these Passive Income Opportunities Or you can do it Pauls way with wordpress using a plugin.

All you have to do here is set it and forget it according to Passive Income Machines’ sales page and videos and you’ll have $2K rolling in every month. They say you’ll have good days and great days but you’ll always have your passive Income to count on.  It all just runs on autopilot.

They claim this system is completely beginner friendly but I can tell you it will be much harder than they are telling you.  They show you two ways to use this system and they say that either one of these Passive Income Options will earn you big money but I’m not so sure.

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Is Passive Income Machine A Scam

Well, you can make that conclusion for yourself.  It depends on how you call out a scam.  Some could possibly make a little money using this system but I don’t think it will be even close to what they promise so at the very least it’s very misleading.

You’ll need a lot more training than is offered here, to make this work.  This site is no different than so many others I’ve reviewed recently.  If you’re an expert you may make a little money but if you’re an expert, why buy into this system.  The upsells are very expensive and you need them to make any money.

How I make money online

I have my own website and own my own online business.  My business model is affiliate marketing.  I like that because there are no limits to what I can do and how much money I can make.

If you’re wondering what affiliate marketing is, the simple answer is, you promote other people’s products in exchange for a commission.  I own the business so I get to decide which products I want to promote.  I’m in control of my own destiny.

I haven’t always been successful with my online business.  I tried and failed many times with my attempts to make money online.  I knew there was a way but I had a little trouble figuring out how it worked.

I didn’t know a thing about S.E.O. or how it worked, didn’t have a clue how to get traffic to my website or any of the stuff you have to know to achieve success and make money online.

I knew I needed training but didn’t know exactly what it was that I needed.  I kept searching and one day, by total accident, BAM!!  My answers were staring me right in the face.

FOUND IT!!  I found myself on a Wealthy Affiliate Review.  In the review they were explaining what was available at Wealthy Affiliate.  OMG!!

This was exactly what I had been needing  It was also great because I could join for free and check it out.  I could start the training and learning the things that had been holding me back.

Now there are lots of sites that let you sign up for free but they all want you credit card info.  Since I don’t trust giving my c/c info until I see it’s something of value  they didn’t work for me.

With Wealthy Affiliate, I didn’t need to enter any that  and I could take my time and stay a free member for as long as I wanted, even forever if I wanted.

I joined as a free member and got started with the training.  I built a free website as well .  This website was life changing for me.  It took awhile but with the help of a community of 1.5 million members, more training than you can imagine, I finally have achieved success.

The training never stops.  The owners and members continue every day to post new training and video tutorials and there is a live webinar every Friday evening where you can join in the activity and ask questions and get immediate answers.

There’s never any pressure to upgrade but if and when you want, you can upgrade to premium.  I did this the sixth day after I joined.  The starter membership was wonderful and I learned so much with it as well as building my first website but I wanted more.

If you’re looking for answers that will help you create your own success, you can learn from the same place I did and you can also start for free like I did.

Get started now by clicking the green button below:


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