Is Prime Time Profits A Scam Or legit: My Honest Review

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At first glance Prime Time Profits appears to be a legitimate way to make money online but when you take a closer look it tells a different story.

Product: Prime Time Profits


Price: $47. or $97. Depending on which landing page you land on.

Recommended: No

What Is Prime Time Profits

Prime Time Profits is just one of many websites like this that makes claims that you can make a lot of money and you don’t need to put much effort into it.

This one claims to have a magical black box for you to click out $500. a day every day with out any effort.  It just runs on autopilot.  I’ve reviewed many other sites like these lately and and most of them are just scams.  See a few below:

Get weekly Paychecks
Writing To Wealth
EZ Bay Payday
Club 365
Rapid Profit system

They all have some special little trick that doesn’t require any work to make your fortune.  They do all the hard work for you while you sit back and rake in the money.

How Does Prime Time Profits Work

They tell you there are limited spots available  so you better go ahead and sign up fast before all the spots are gone.  This one claims that all you need to do is just keep clicking the secret Black Box and the money will keep rolling in at about $500. a day.

That amounts to about $180K a year.  Unfortunately there really is no Black Box.  They’re just trying to divert your attention away from all the red flags that are showing and get you focused on “big money”.

I expose this type of scam sites all the time on my website in hopes of helping some of you avoid getting scammed.  These sites just do not work.  The only one who makes money is the creator.

When you sign up and pay your fee, which will be either $47. or $97. depending on which version you join, you will be hit right away with expensive upsells that offer you a better version.

You could end up spending as much as $500. and still find yourself with an empty wallet.  You won’t make money with this system but you may lose some.

Is Prime Time Profits A Scam

Yes, I believe it is.  It functions like many of the other sites I’ve reviewed.  The all claim you can make large amounts of money, very quickly, without putting much effort into it and they all have some secret or magical tool that allows you to just sit back in your easy chair and rake in the money by just pushing a button.

That’s not what it takes to make money online.  It takes a lot more time and effort before you will ever make any money.  You have to establish credibility and there is a whole process to achieve that.

How I make money Online

I make money online with affiliate marketing.  Just a few years ago I didn’t even know what affiliate marketing was.  I knew some folks were making money online and I tried many times to figure out how they were doing it.

One day, a couple of years ago, I was surfing the internet and discovered an amazing website that talked about how the process worked to start making money online.

I couldn’t pull myself away.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing here.  This site talked about all the training that was available how the process works.  It was free to join too which was also unbelievable.

I was a little skeptical at first but figured since you don’t need to give any credit card information it had to be safe so I went ahead and signed up for the free starter membership.

That was a life changing moment for me.  When I got inside and saw all that was offered I had to get started.  The hardest thing for me was to close my laptop and get sleep.

It didn’t take very long for me to realize that I was on a path to success.  The training I’m speaking of does not teach you an easy way to reach success but it does teach you the best way to success.

It starts with Choosing a nice, building your own website, writing some content, optimizing your website for search engines getting traffic and eventually monetizing your website to make money.

There is a lot of detail to each of the things above and it takes time to learn it all.  There are hundreds of lessons and video tutorials to learn from and they need to be applied in the order they are written.

There are also tasks at the end of each lesson that need to be completed.  (that’s why you need to install your website in the beginning) The first course has five levels and ten lessons per level.  That is the “Entrepreneur Certification” course.

By the time you finish that course you will probably be getting some traffic to your site and may even have made a little money.  That’s the difference between this amazing platform and the scam sites.

This one teaches you to build the proper foundation for a strong and lasting business of your own.  It’s like building a skyscraper.  You don’t start at the top and build your way down.

You start at the bottom and slowly but surely work your way up by setting a strong foundation.  Doing it this way the sky is the limit to what you can earn.

You won’t be depending on someone else to keep you in business.  You own the business and when done properly, it will grow to a passive income that will sustain you for the rest of your life.

If this is something you are interested in, you can learn from the exact same place where I learned and started my successful online business.

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