Instant Payday Tricks:Scam Or Legit, My Review will Help You Decide

Instant Payday Tricks


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It’s good that you’re here checking out my review of Instant Payday Tricks and wondering if you can really make some money with this system. That’s how you avoid scams. Let’s check it out and see what we find.

Product: Instant Payday Tricks


Owner: Ed Roberts

Price: $37.

Recommended: No

What Is Instant Payday Tricks

It’s pretty easy to see that Instant Payday Tricks is another one of those “Get Rich Quick” schemes from ClickBank that is just incredibly misleading about How much money you can make and how quickly you will make it.

They make huge claims of making $800. Dollars an hour and $800K a year all very quickly, with almost no effort involved. The internet is just over run with sites like this these days.

They know folks are struggling for money to provide for their family and they play on that to suck you in with all the big promises to make you rich, maybe even in a week.

If you’re diligent you can learn to spot the red flags and avoid being scammed. The scams all have similar promises and claims making it pretty easy to spot them.  I’ve reviewed many similar sites to this one that are just out to take your money.  See below:

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Instant Payday TricksHow does Instant Payday Tricks Work

The sales video is very misleading about how to make money online. Makes you wonder if they even know what it takes to make money online.

Included in this package,You’ll get some training videos, a few ebooks, some Information about how to make money on Clickbank, post on social media, how to sell on craigslist, article marketing.

They practically promise you the moon but I can tell you from experience that their methods won’t make you much money if any. It just doesn’t work that way.

There are so many other factors involved in the process of making money online. They claim to have a secret weapon called Artificial intelligence ( AI )that is supposed to have you rolling in dough very quickly but I’m not buying it.

They say you’ll be riding the easy train because they do most everything for you but I don’t think the train is going anywhere.

I always look for something good about the products I review but I did’n find much good about this one, What I did find was lots of red flags inside this product.

The red flags help me to determine if a platform is legit or just another scam.

Is Instant Payday Tricks A Scam

I’ll let you be the judge on that but there are certainly enough red flags to make you say yes, Instant Payday Tricks is probably a scam

The first red flag is, nobody makes that much money when they first start out. It takes time and a lot of effort to make money but even if you were to put in the time and effort I don’t think you would ever make much money with this product.

The second red flag is, all their testimonials are fake. you can see these same people all over the internet using different names.

The third red flag is they say this system runs on autopilot. This is not possible. It takes years to achieve a passive income. You have to have hundreds of helpful articles and lots of traffic before it will become passive income.

Avoid Scams, Build Your Own Online Business

If you want to avoid scams online, there’s a great way, and that is to build your own successful online business and learn at the exact same place I learned from. I had been floundering for several years trying to learn how to do affiliate marketing when I found the platform that I use.

I’m pretty sure I would never have achieved success if I hadn’t discovered Wealthy Affiliate because I knew nothing about affiliate marketing or S.E.O. or writing the proper content or anything else that’s involved in internet marketing.

The platform I used has comprehensive, step by step training that will teach you everything you need to know to create a successful online business.

I saw a lot of talk online about affiliate marketing but as hard as I tried, I just couldn’t figure it out, that is, until I stumbled upon Wealthy affiliate. After checking it out, I joined the free membership. That was a life changing moment for me! Wealthy Affiliate offers training that when, properly applied, can change lives.

The training will teach you all the aspects of how to make money online, including affiliate marketing.

If you learn what I do, you can do what I do and build yourself a successful online business that will generate a stream of income for you.

Yes it will take some real work effort, learning, and time to build but it’s what really works and I use a business model that takes advantage of the millions of products that are available online these days, as well as future products that come online in the future.

You can join for free and check it out to see if it’s something that could work for you. Wealthy Affiliate offers two membership levels, starter and Premium. You can remain a starter member as long as you like but if you want to have more advanced training you can upgrade to premium.

You will find out what you’ll be doing, how it works, why it works and where you can even get started for FREE!

I’ve been doing what I do since April, 2015 and it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me!

YOU can really do the same and build your own online business with your own topic, and eventually one day, you’ll be making a living online from the comfort of your home like I am.

There’s no better time than the present to get started with the amazing training and building the solid foundation for your new online business.

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