Digital Payday Review: Scam Or Make Money Online

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Are you wondering if Digital Payday is a legitimate way to make money online or if it’s just another big scam that will take your money?   My review below will help you find out.

Product: Digital Payday

Website: digitalpayday.Co

Owner: Daniel Bluth

Price: free 

Recommended: no


Digital Payday Review

What Is Digital Payday

Digital Payday is another one of those so called “flipping ads” sites that I’ve seen so many of before.  They just come and go. They get too many negative reviews and quit the site only to start a new one under a different name right away.   I reviewed a lot of other sites similar to this.  See below:


These days it seems there are more scam sites out there than real, legit, sites. They bank on you not knowing  what it takes to make money online and how the process works.

If it doesn’t make sense, it’s probably is a scam. Even a newbie knows if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.  In fact that’s one of the first red flags to look for.   Another one is if they don’t tell you how it works to make money.   So often they just keep repeating how much money and how fast but never how.

How Does Digital Payday Work

It’s supposedly works by “flipping ads”.   They say you can make money just like Google and Facebook, using online ads to create a passive income for yourself.

They even claim that people are making 5 figures in the first month and that this is the easiest way to make money online these days.

Does this even make sense to you?   If it worked that quick and easy, and you could really make that much money, they would have so many folks signing up, it would cause their site to crash.   

In order to to make any money with this system you’d spend a small fortune using Google and Facebook to place your ads.   I have to tell you this just does not work.  They are just plain misleading and unethical.

They say it’s free to join the system but they don’t tell you that after you sign in they’ll quickly let you know that you need to make a sizeable investment to pay for the advertising of your ads.

They have a video for you to watch that tells you about flipping online ads, which is crazy because there’s really no such thing on the internet.  I’ve read other reviews about similar sites to this one and they’re probably run by the same people under a different name.

Not only that, the lady in the video is just a hired actress from Five.rr and can be seen all over the Internet in similar ads under a different name.  You really have to use your noggin these days and stay alert for scammers.  The fact is you can really make money online and lots of it but not this way. 

The main thing to watch for is, if it says you can make lots of money in a short amount of time and without much effort, to avoid it like the plague.

It’s a scam for sure.  Making money online just doesn’t work that way . It’s a process that has to be done if you’re going to make money online and it includes putting in time and effort.

How I Make Money Online

I tried to make money online more times than I’d like to admit and failed every time until April of 2017.  I have to admit I was gullible like a lot of folks out there. I got scammed a time or two.  Its stings when that happens but we live and learn.

One day, well actually the wee hours of the morning, I was once again, searching online for ways to make money online, when I stumbled upon an amazing website.  I have to say, because of my online history, I was quite skeptical.  I wasn’t going to get sucked in this time.  I had wised up but was still checking it out.

But then I noticed that it was not only free but you didn’t even have to enter your credit card information.  That was the thing that set it apart from the others.  The other ones, even when they said they were free, wanted your credit card info.

That’s because once you joined and got inside, you found it wasn’t free at all.  There were always expensive upsells you had to purchase in order to make it work.   Back to the the amazing site I discovered, it was really free.

They have two membership levels.  The first one is free and the other one is premium at $49. a month.  You can stay with the free membership as long as you like but if you decide to upgrade to premium, it has so much more to offer.  Both memberships include training on the process of making money online, web hosting, websites and support

but the premium membership has a lot more training and tools for you to use.  There are no upsells with this site.  You simply choose the starte membership to get started and you either stay with it or upgrade to premium.  You will get all the training you need to get a website up and running and get your online business started.

My search ended when I found this amazing place where I could learn how to get a profitable online business started and learn the proper way to keep it growing.  I have learned how to get my site ranked with search engines, S.E.O., how to write content, how to use keywords, how to optimize and monetize my website and so much more.

If you would like to learn how making money online really works and how to do it yourself, you can learn from the same place I learned all this.

It’s free to get started and you can stay free as long as you like.  You only upgrade to premium when and if you are ready.  Just click the green button below to get started.

button create your free account here

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