Auto Chat Profits Review: Legit Or Scam

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In my Auto Chat Profits Review, I’ll let you know what I found so that you can make a decision to avoid this system or jump right in and try to make it work.

The Auto Chat Profits platform claims to have this new, secret system, that uses weird robot technology to siphon up to $423. a day with shocking consistency and it only takes 23 minutes f your time.

This all sounds great but is it for real or is it just another scam waiting to take your money.  It’s good that you landed here at Authentic Affiliates and found my review of Auto Chat Profits because I’m going to tell you how it all works.

Product: Auto Chat Profits


Owner/Spokesperson: Samantha Smith (possibly fake name)

Price: $37. + Upsells

Rating: 2/10

Recommended: No

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What is Auto Chat Profits

When I first arrived on the Auto Chat Profits sales page, my first thought was, okay, here we go again!  There are a lot of similar sites that I have recently review and they have turned out to be scams.  You can see a few of these other reviews by clicking the links below:

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That’s why I’m able to tell you things you may not understand  or even know about.  I don’t want to give anyone bad advice so I always keep an open mind until I have completed a thorough review.

I start by looking for the good in a product. The salesperson in the video says this is a brand new product. She says by using this new software to build a done-for-you website, you can make fast money as an affiliate marketer, every single day.

This sounds awesome to a newbie, I’m sure, but I can tell you it’s not going to happen. I have achieved online success and have a regular monthly income, coming in every single month and that’s why I can tell you, that’s not how affiliate marketing works.

This took me a long time (over a year) to achieve success and it took a lot of planning, training and hard work to accomplish.  You can’t just put up a new website and immediately start making money.


Auto Chat ProfitsHow Does Auto Chat Profits Work

I can tell you how it doesn’t work. Done for you websites don’t work. Why? Because they are made from a template. Everyone who signs up gets the same website.

They all look alike and have the same content. Google frowns on this kind of site and will not send traffic / visitors to view your site.  Traffic equals sales, so without traffic, you will not make money.

In order to gain access to this system, you will need to do two things:

  1. You need to use the license once it has been issued
  2. You must not already be making $100,000 Plus. (strange request)

Once you are in, you will  become partners with the owners, which means you will be sharing your commissions with them. They say it’s a win-win situation because they only make money if you make money.

What you will be doing is, you will be selling products on ClickBank Marketplace by using an automated robot call chatbot, which is an artificial intelligence method.

The system is based on a business model called Affiliate Marketing.  Affiliate marketing is growing by Leaps and Bounds and it’s my top recommended way to make money online.

I must also tell you that Auto Chat Profits, while it is based on the affiliate marketing platform, it doesn’t work the way having your own affiliate marketing website does.

You need traffic to your site to make money and with those “done for you” sites you won’t get the needed traffic. You will have to pay to get traffic and that is very expensive.

Not only that, even if you buy traffic, it won’t make much money for you because it’s the wrong kind of traffic. What you want is targeted traffic which means your visitors / traffic are specifically looking for your product.

That leads us to the next flaw in the system. You don’t have any products or services to sell. These sites like this make it sound so simple but they never work like they’re advertised to do.

They leave out key components that are needed in order to make money. That’s where the upsells come in. You will be offered expensive up sales to get those components needed to make money.

You would be so much ahead of the game to just choose a great hosting company, choose a domain and set up your own website. I know for some it sounds scary, but it really is simple these days since you can do it without any knowledge of coding.

You can find products to promote on networks like Amazon and setting up a free account or on ClickBank by setting up a free account or you can choose from so many other platforms the same way.


Auto Chat ProfitsIs Auto Chat Profits A Scam

I can only give you the information that I have found, but you have to decide for yourself if you think it’s a scam or not. I hope I have given you enough information so that at least you can make a logical decision.

There are a lot of red flags here and you can learn to spot them for yourself with just a little practice. When a system says you can make an outrageous amount of money very quickly it’s a red flag.

When they say it takes very little effort because it’s so simple, that’s another red flag, or if they say they’ve done all the hard work for you, again, a red flag.  If it looks too good to be true, avoid it and you won’t get scammed.

It’s Always better to be safe than sorry.


How I Make Money Online

Affiliate Marketing is not a scam.  It’s the best way to make money online in my opinion. A lot of systems or products out there that try to suck you in to promote their product are scams.

I haven’t always been successful with affiliate marketing. It was a long learning process and hopefully I can help shorten that process for you. I ran across an amazing platform one day while surfing the Internet for ways to make money online.

It had so much training on how to set up a website, optimizing for search engines, (this is how you get free targeted traffic), how to get traffic, how to write awesome content and so much more.

In fact there are hundreds of lessons and videos as well as weekly live webinars where you can  interact and ask questions. They teach you right from zero knowledge to getting your online business up and rolling, to making money.

The great thing about this is, you can start for free. You can join the starter membership, take a look around set up your website and take the first level of training all for free.

After you have had a chance to look around and get a feel for the site, you will be offered the option to upgrade to premium membership. It’s just an option because most folks want to advance faster but you don’t have to.

You can say a free member as long as you like. You can continue to work on your website as you were, but fill out your profile and say a few words about yourself.

This is a friendly environment and everyone is there to help you if you get stuck with anything. If you’re interested in checking this out just click the green button below.

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Let’s make money online!


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