How To Start Blogging Online

How to start blogging online

How To Start Blogging Online

Are you wanting to start blogging online but don’t know where to start. It can be very scary for a beginner but there is plenty of help in the online world to get you started on the right path.

We’ll show you how to start blogging online the stress free way by starting with a great plan.  Your blog will come together a lot quicker and with a lot less stress if you make a plan before you start.

If you’re just going to start a blog for the purpose of journaling and keeping in touch with family, you can just choose a pretty theme, install your website on a good web hosting site and go for it.

However, if you want to have a successful website blog, that gets lots of visitors and makes a few bucks for you in the process, there’s more that you’ll need to know, such as choosing a niche, choosing a relevant domain name, optimizing your site for search engines, how to get traffic, writing relevant content and so much more.

This all sounds overwhelming but it’s really not once you know how. We’ll cover all that that and more in the next few paragraphs.


Best Way To Start A Blog: 10 Easy Steps

You can get a Blog up and running in less than 5 minutes but that’s all it will be, just a Blog with no one to see it except you. You can email your friends and family to let them know about your blog but still, only a handful of people will ever see it.

That’s okay if that’s what you’re going for, but if you’re wanting to start a serious blog, that offers value to others, then you need more information.

  1. Choose a niche:  this is what your blog will be about such as, cooking, crochet, make money online, affiliate marketing, boating, Outdoor Sports. These are just some examples to choose from
  2. Choose a name for your blog
  3. Choose a  a domain name ( your website address) ( your URL)
  4. Choose a Content management platform
  5. Find a place to  host your blog
  6. Choose a theme and design your your blog
  7. Create your essential pages (about, contact, home, privacy,)
  8. Create your content strategy
  9. Optimize your site for S.E.O.
  10. Take it live, publish your blog!


choose your niche
Choosing A Niche

What is a niche, you may ask. The usual answer is, something you are passionate about. It can be, but it doesn’t have to be that. It could be something you want to learn about.

You can write about it as you learn. You can also ask questions in your blog about it. It can be anything. the idea is your niche should be something you love to talk about because whatever you choose as your Niche, you’ll need to be writing a lot of content about it.

The secret to your success is in the content you write on your blog. If you can’t write about it, you will fail before you even get started. Also, all the content you write needs to all be relevant to your niche.

You need to be able to write content consistently and frequently, so that the search engines will start seeing you as an authority site. You won’t be getting many visitors until search engine start seeing you as an authority figure.


name your blogChoose A Name For Your Blog

Your blog name should be relevant to what you’ll be writing your content about and relevant to your niche. As you can see, everything about your blog should be relevant, your Niche, your domain and your content.

Keeping everything relevant is also consistent with branding your site and web presence.


Choose Your Domain Name (your web address) (your url)

As I said above, keep it relevant. Your domain name should give the person searching, a clue to what your site is about. Not all people make their domain relevant to their blog.

Some people use their own name, some use a cute or catchy name. There really is no rule. It’s just a personal choice for me to keep everything simple and relevant.

I think they search engines like it that way.


Choose A Content Management Platform

What is a Content management platform?   Simply stated a contract management platform is an application that is used to manage web content. It allows multiple contributors to create, edit and publish content.

I personally prefer WordPress. I think it is the most simple platform on the internet to it use. The application is available on many web hosting sites and a lot of them have quick install that will install a WordPress blog in about a minute.

Of course this would just be the minimum site and you’ll have to still do some design work such as adding images, menus, content and all that stuff but the install is quick and easy.

I’ll be posting a dem on how it’s done a little later.


Find A Place To Host Your Blog

There are certainly hundreds of web hosting sites out there to choose from such as Bluehost, HostGator and many others but you have to consider what you want from your web host.

For me, I want unlimited websites, free SSL, (which is site security), and a great support system. All hosting sites work a little different and I have no tech skills at all, so I like to know that support is there if I need it.

Free site security SSL is important because some hosting sites charge as much as 65 or $70 per website for that and I won’t pay for that. It should be included with your hosting package.

Also I like to have all my websites in one place and if I paid for hosting I don’t want to pay extra for each website.


Choose A Theme And Design Your Blog

There are literally thousands of themes out there that are free. You can find beautiful free themes. Some have the opinion that to be successful you have to have a premium theme but I know that that is just not true.

I know plenty of bloggers that are very successful using free, even very old, themes. If you’re short on funds, put your money to a better cause that will really help your blog on the path to success.

Just check out some free themes and make sure it has the functions that you want. There is a wide variety of theme functions and not every theme has every function.

Create Your Essential Pages (which are, about, contact, privacy policy)

There are a few essential pages that every website or blog needs to have. You need to have a privacy policy page to let folks know how you handle their information. You also need a contact page so that if your visitors have questions they can contact you. Another important page is your about page. Your about page helps to add a personal touch to your blog and make sure visitors feel that they know you.

It also adds trust when you give a little information about yourself.


Create Your Content Strategy

If you want to know How To Start Blogging Online and get ranked in the search engines, it’s important to know your audience and write content based on that audience. In other words be sure you are writing content that is relevant to your Niche.

Your Niche is your audience. Have a large collection of keywords. Keywords will bring visitors to your blog but they also give you a clear message of what you need to write about. If you have a good keyword list, you’ll never have to search for something to write your next article about.

Your visitors like to know when to expect your next article to be posted so you need to have a plan about how often you will be posting new content and stick to it.

If your visitors know when you’ll be posting, they’ll be more likely to come back to check out your latest post.


Optimize Your Blog:  S.E.O.

Make sure your blog is S.E.O. optimized. That’s how you get your organic traffic, which is free traffic. Otherwise you’ll either get no traffic or you will have to pay a huge price for it.


Take It Live:  Publish your blog!

You have your blog properly set for Success. Now take it live. Publish your blog for the whole online world to see!


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