AppCoiner Review: Scam Or Legit Way To Make Money Online

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Product: AppCoiner


Owner: Unknown

Price: $27 + $9.95 upsells

Recommended: No

Are you searching for new ways to make money online and wondering if a AppCoiner is a legit system for you to make money online?  Lets check it out and see what we can find.

AppCoiner ReviewWhat Is AppCoiner

The short answer is AppCoiner is a digital platform created to connect app developers without app users. The app developers will pay app users to test and promote their apps.

The thing is, AppCoiner claims you’ll make a lot more money than you will, in all reality make. We all know that there are millions of mobile apps these days and the number is constantly growing.

That’s why it’s difficult for developers to get their new apps noticed and get attention. That’s why appCoiner has developed this platform. They are paying app users to test and write reviews on their new apps, to get them out in front of the crowd and get them noticed.

I’ve reviewed many similar sites like this one that just mislead you and don’t really work the way they lead you to believe they do.  They just take your money and don’t really deliver on their promises.

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AppCoiner Review

How does AppCoiner work

AppCoiner claims they have made it simple and easy to make money testing their apps. They say all you need to do is follow the three simple Steps they have laid out in the platforms.

  • choose an app from their database and test it on your laptop or tablet
  • write your honest review about the app
  • Get paid (the more apps you review, the more money you make)

They claim you’ll make $15 to $25 per review.  They lead you to believe that’s all you have to do to make money with AppCoiner but there’s a lot more to it than that.  All is not as it seems.

The Truth Revealed

Below are the real steps you have to follow to make money with AppCoiner:

  1. Set up a new AppCoiner website
  2. Choose apps to review
  3. Write reviews for the apps on your website
  4. Get your affiliate link from AppCoiner
  5. Get traffic to your website
  6. Make money only when someone purchases the app from your affiliate link.

Spoken simply, this is just a mother affiliate marketing business. They are just misleading you to make you think you are getting paid to test the app.

What They Don’t Tell You

1) AppCoiner is just an affiliate marketing business

2) You won’t be writing reviews in the AppCoiner’s members area

3) You will need to create your own website

4) You won’t get paid for every review you right

5) You only get paid if someone buys the out through your affiliate link

6) It won’t be easy to make money with AppCoiner


a)Because this is through ClickBank there is a 60-day money-back guarantee

b)You do get to try out lots of new apps if you’re into that sort of thing

c)Unlike most survey type site,s this is open to people all over the world


a)Sounds too good to be true


c)Waste of your time

d)No traffic Source, unlikely sales


Is AppCoiner A Scam

No, an experienced marketer might be able to make a little money with this.  If you consider it to be a scam when a product misleads you about how you’ll make money and how much you’ll make, then yes, it is a scam.

However there is some value here because you get to try out a lot of expensive apps and the possibility of making some money is there.  It’s wrong that they mislead you on how the system really works but doesn’t make it a scam.

I cannot recommended this product because of the misleading factors of the system.  My recommendation is to avoid this one and save your money.

How I Make Money online

I haven’t always been successful  at making money online. I had tried my hand at affiliate marketing several times only to end in complete failure. I had no idea how the process worked.

I didn’t know about S.E.O. or optimization, or how to get traffic. In fact, I was completely clueless on how affiliate marketing works. Then one day, while I was searching the Internet for ways to make money online, I saw a link to an amazing website called wealthy affiliate.

I was skeptical at first but since it was free to join, it peaked my interest. The one thing that helped me make the final decision to join, was that I didn’t have to give any credit card information.

I knew then they couldn’t scam me, so I took the leap of faith and joined. When I got inside the site, I was blown away by the amount of training, the number of tools to help me get things done and the friendliness of the community.

Everyone was ready and willing to help me.  You get to complete level one of the training with the free starter membership and you can also build two free websites with it, as well as use a lot of the tools. Also if you want, you can remain a free member forever, but you’d be cutting yourself short.

The premium membership gives you access to a lot more advanced training and a lot more tools to promote your path to success.  You can certainly achieve success and make money with the free membership. Many have done it.

It’s just that the premium membership makes it easier and faster. Your choice! No pressure, ever. If you’d like to sign up for the free starter membership and take a look around, just click on the green button below.


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