Profit Genesis 2.0 Review:Scam Or Legit

Profit Genesis 2.0 Review

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The thought of making $5,000. a week with Profit Genesis 2.0 right from the comfort of your own home sounds very exciting. Can this really be true? We’ll get to the truth in this Profit Genesis 2.0 Review.

Product: Profit Genesis 2.0


Owner: Unknown

Price: $37. Plus upsell #1=$47. upsell #2= $197. upsell #3= Good Club $97.

Recommended: No

The thought of making money from home an especially lots of it very quickly, is very intriguing to most people. They want it to be true so much that they often times loose site of reality.

The truth is Profit Genesis 2.0 really doesn’t help anyone, because it takes a lot of time, commitment and hard work to make money online.

What is Profit Genesis 2.0

Profit Genesis 2.0 is an affiliate product from the ClickBank Network that claims to let you make high profits, very quickly, resulting in more bang for your buck and more cash in your pocket.

I know how much you want to make money online, I’ve walked in your shoes, and that’s why I’m doing these reviews. I want to help you find the real way to make money without being scammed.

I’ve reviewed so many of these products from ClickBank Network that just don’t do what they say they will. The videos are extremely misleading. It takes a lot more time and a lot more work to make this kind of money.

How Does It Work

You don’t need to know very much, according to Profit Genesis 2.0, because you can just pick it up and start making big money right away. They say it’s so easy it runs it’s self on auto pilot. You can make $5,000. a week using their product, so they say. Are you seeing some red flags here?

Profit Genesis 2.0, like a lot of the others, avoids talking about How you’ll make money because they know you’ll recognize that it won’t work for you.

Instead, they just hype how much you’ll make and how fast you will make it and how easy it is to make it. My best advice to you is when you such a vague description of how you will make money, just avoid it. Save your money because you sure won’t make any!

All the red flags are here in this one. See a few below:

  1. Sounds too good to be true
  2. Set it up in 15 minutes
  3. Start making money in 15 minutes
  4. Runs on autopilot, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Wouldn’t it be nice if it was that easy. Well, I can tell you from experience, that’s a far cry from reality.

You certainly can make a lot of money working online, but not the way this product tells you. Let’s say you want to make $20,000. a month (which is totally reasonable) that would take you working 40-60 hours a week in the beginning and would take 1-3 years to work up to making that much on a regular basis.

Eventually you can greatly reduce your hours but in the beginning it’s hard work and long hours. I know this because I have finally achieved success as an affiliate marketer and it took me over a year to do it.

I worked so hard in the beginning that I often forgot to even eat. I survived and I reach the point of success. It was far from easy!

Profit Genesis 2.0 is no different from all the others I’ve recently reviewed: See a few below:

Is Profit Genesis 2.0 A Scam

You can be the judge as to whether it is a scam. I just give you the information so that you can make an educated decision but personally, I don’t recommend this product.

Profit Genesis 2.0 will stir every emotion in your brain to get you imagining what life would be like if you could have this kind of money coming into your bank account all the time.

It would be wonderful and it really can happen when done the right way but it won’t happen using this product. So many folks actually fall for products like this and I can understand why but if you already are in need of money, you’ll need even more after joing this program.

All their testimonials and income graphics are fake. The testimonials are done by Fiverr actors that they have hired. You can find these same faces all over the internet under different names.

As for the income graphics, it’s easy to just make screenshots of others graphics. Why even bother. I don’t bother putting my own income graphics in my post because no one believes they are real although mine would be.


I can not recommend this product. A few folks may be able to make a little money with this, you will have spent far more than you ever will make just to make anything.

They hype the product with promises that you can make a lot of money very quickly but in reality, the most you’ll get out of it is you’ll get a little help to set it up .

Once that’s done and you get into the members area, there’s just no substance to it. There’s just no way for it to work.

You to will see the truth if you just be vigilant and watch out for the red flags that make it so obvious that this is not a great product.

I know a much better product if you are serious about starting your own online business and are ready to start making money online. I discovered this awesome platform about two years ago that set me on a firm path to success.

How I Make Money Online

I had been working online trying to make money for several years without much success. I had made some honest money but I knew there was something better out there where I could make way more than I was making, something that would allow me to live a better life.

I know money does not bring happiness to people but it sure does relieve a whole lot of stress when you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to pay the bills.

I continued my online search for something better and one day I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate. This was the luckiest day of my life. This is the most awesome platform for learning how to create a successful business model.

There is so much training here to apply to any niche you may choose. When you follow the training exactly the way it is written and complete all the task when they are presented, you will have a website up and running and may even be earning some money by the time you complete the course.

This training definitely puts you a solid path to success. It teaches you how to optimize your website for search engines, how to get traffic to your site and how to write the right kind of content.

All the things above are exactly what is needed to make your business a huge success. Unlike the scam sites, this will not happen overnight. It will take time to build your solid foundation before you will make money but once it starts you can be set for life.

Take a chance and try this awesome platform where I learned everything I needed to get me started making money online. Click the button below and get started for free.

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