My Daily Choice Review: Scam Or Legit Way To Make Money

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Are you wondering if My Daily Choice is a legitimate way to make money online or if it is just another great big scam?  You’re wise to be checking it out first before just diving in.

Product: My Daily Choice


Owners: Josh & Jenna Zwagil

Price: $59. – $599. plus $20. activation fee

Recommended: No

My Daily Choice Review

What Is My Daily Choice

My Daily Choice is an MLM product that offers a variety of health products including sprays which cover several areas of your health such as your immune system, ph levels, energy levels, weight loss, sleep and brain/mood.

The Hempworx is hemp oil, which deals with pain in the body and especially deals with pain that isn’t controlled by the standard methods of other medications on the market.

I can’t totally determine for sure if this system is a scam or legit but it looks like it is probably legit.  While this product may be a legit system for helping with your health and for making money online, it’s not one that I would recommend.

The reason I would not recommend this product is because first of all I personally don’t like MLM platforms and second, I believe the MLM business model is outdated and the business model I use is so much better.

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How Does My Daily Choice Work

This system does have some legit products that you can use to make money online and it does not appear to be a “Get Rich Quick” Scheme.  The way it works is, you buy into the system and pay an activation fee.You get a package of products to promote.

You get a website or sales page where you promote the products. (you have access to buy more products) As you sell/sign up new members, your commission goes up and you get more benefits.

The commission rates and income potential are okay but the products are expensive so you will probably have low volume.  This, of course, means low income.  I don’t think it’s quite worth the time and effort involved to make a small amount of money.

Is My Daily Choice A Scam

I don’t think My Daily Choice is a scam at all but I also don’t think you’ll be able to make much money with it.  Only the creators/owners will make money.

Your time and effort would be much better spent building your own make money online business.  That way you are the one in control of how it works and what it takes to make money.

How I make Money Online

I’ve been making money online for several years.  Most of those years it wasn’t enough money to talk about.  I just made a few bucks here and a few bucks but it was never enough to pay the bills.

I knew others were making the kind of money online that I wanted to make but I was struggling.  I just couldn’t quite figure it all out.  I was about ready to give up but then I found it.

One day in 2016, while i was searching again on the web, I discovered an amazing website called Wealthy Affiliate.  That was a life changing moment for me.  I will never forget it.  I had searched for so long for something like this but I hadn’t known exactly what i needed to search for.

When I discovered Wealthy Affiliate I knew I had found what I needed.  I had no knowledge of S.E.O. or how to bring traffic to my website.  I didn’t know about optimizing or monetizing or how to do either.  I also didn’t know a thing about how to write the proper kind of content.

The thing that sets Wealthy affiliate apart from other sites that I review is that they have all the training that you could ever need to create a successful online business.  They teach you every aspect of creating and maintaining a money making business.

You can get started for free and get your website up and running in just minutes.  With the free membership you can install your website and take the first course of training, “Entrepreneur Certification”.

It has five levels and each level has ten lessons.  By the time you sign up, install your website and complete the first course, you’ have your new online business up and running and you may have even made a little money.

The training teaches you the best way but it won’t be the easiest way.  The easiest way is not always the best way.  The way it’s taught at Wealthy Affiliate is the best way because it works for everyone and every niche.

If you follow the training and complete all the tasks in the order they are offered, you won’t fail.  There are success stories every day about people growing their businesses by thousands of dollars a month but it took time and effort to reach that point.

When you join Wealthy Affiliate, you not only get all the training but you get a community of 1.5 million other members that will help make sure you succeed.  You also get 24/7 live chat to go to for help if you get stuck on something.

There are two membership levels to choose from and never any upsells.  The first level is the free starter membership.  You can remain a free member for as long as you want and continue to work on your business and your website.

The second level is the premium level.  You can upgrade from the starter to the premium level at any time you want.  See the comparison chart below to see the difference between the two membership levels:

You can learn how to create your own online business at the exact same place where I learned to build mine.  The sooner you get started the sooner you will start making money online.Get started now for free!  Click the green button below!

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