Diddly Pay Pro Review: Scam Or Legit


I compliment you for being so wise and checking out this Diddly Pay Pro review before just diving in with this product. There are so many scams out there today related to affiliate marketing that we must be very careful about which of the money making platforms we buy into. Let’s take a look and see how this one pans out.

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What Is Diddly Pay Pro

Diddly Pay Pro is the world’s first viral “money button “ (AKA payment button) Built and proven to generate free traffic, email leads and unlimited income for you on autopilot. It’s an all-inclusive online income system and software that can turn virtually any online author viral almost instantly.

 How Does Diddly Pay Pro Work

So, is this the one big product all internet marketers have been waiting for? Can it really get you unlimited traffic for free and almost instantly? They claim it can be done in just one click! Diddly Pay Pro is advertised as a social-viral payment button which means that people can have the option of paying with leads instead of money. As great as this sounds, it could have the potential of a very big spam problem.

Another problem with this system is the traffic. What affiliate marketers strive for is targeted, organic traffic. The traffic you would get from this done-for-you system is not targeted for your niche and would possibly be of no value at all to your online business.

If you go through the sales page there are a lot of questions and a lot of red flags go up as I go through each area of the product.

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Is Diddly Pay Pro A Scam

I wouldn’t say this is a complete scam. There is a potential there for it to work but I would just say that the potential fails in the execution. I would not waste my money or time on this Diddly Pay Pro project.


Product:  Diddly Pay Pro

Vendor/Creator:  Bryan Winters

Price:  $20. Plus upsells

Rating:  0/5

Recommended:  No


This system is just too risky and has too many red flags for me to recommend it. It won’t bring you the kind of traffic you need that are targeted to your niche. In order to make money from your traffic they have to be Targeted to your product. The up sells that you would need to give you a chance to make this system work would make it too expensive as well.


Diddly Pay Pro Review

A Safer And Secure Way To Make Money Online

 It wasn’t an easy Journey for me on my path to success. I got scammed a lot and lost a lot of money that I needed to pay my bills. If I can help just one person avoid getting scammed like me and get you on a path to success it will have been worth it.

There is a website where you can learn (safely) everything you need to know, to start an online, work-at-home business. So many of these get-rich-quick schemes claim that you can start making money almost overnight and lots of it. Folks, that’s your first red flag. They don’t work.

What I’m going to show you will take somewhere around 4 to 6 months before you start making any money. Some do make a little money a little sooner but I’m telling you what is normal. If you want to develop a solid, long-lasting business, it takes a little time. There is a process to follow that will guarantee your success.

The website I mentioned above has training that will take you on a step-by-step path that will get you on a solid foundation. You will start by installing your website. Don’t let that scare you. It’s so easy! The training will take you through choosing a niche and a domain name.

It will show you how to write awesome content and how to set up your site for search engines to find it and send visitors to you. These get-rich-quick schemes, done-for-you systems, don’t teach you a thing about all those things you need to know about running a successful online business.

The website I keep mentioning is wealthy affiliate. That’s where I learned everything I know about making money online. They have been in the business of web hosting and training for more than 13 years now and have over 2 million members. They are a community of like-minded people who want to work online in their own business.

So as you know, the traffic you receive needs to be targeted. It needs to match what you’re selling in order for it to convert. You should therefore build your business in a way so that it attracts visitors that are very relevant to your business.

By following tried and true step-by-step principles I’ve personally managed to build a business that gets me the traffic I’m looking for. People who visit my business do so because I’ve designed it that way. And you can do the same.

Of all the products and training programs I’ve reviewed, there are extremely few that I’ve endorsed. However, there is one that I feel is a be-all, end-all solution to people who are struggling to get their online business running. It’s the very same I personally use and have used for the past years.

Best thing about it? It’s free

The community is full of generous people who are willing to help newcomers learn to become successful at affiliate marketing. It is in helping others that we are all so blessed. You can get started learning for free. There are literally hundreds of lessons, video tutorials, a weekly live webinar where you can interact and ask questions.

The support on this website is amazing. You have the co-owners kyle and Carson as well as a very large support team and the entire Community. You also have 24/7 live chat Karma where you can ask questions and get answers.

There is a free membership which you can remain in for life and there is a premium membership as well the premium membership offers more advanced training and some other advantages that is not a requirement. See the comparison chart below.


Diddly Pro Pay -comparison chart


 If this looks like something you would like to try click here to get started for free.


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