Cash Magnets Review: Scam Or Can I Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

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Cash Magnets Review



Product: Cash Magnets


Owner/Vender: Brendon Mace & Jono Armstrong

Price: $12.95 + Upsells

Rating: 2/10

Recommended: No


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I’m sure you have run across many platforms like this in your quest to find ways to make money online. Most of these products are based on the affiliate marketing business model.

Since you’re here looking, you’ve probably ask yourself at some point, “can I make money from affiliate marketing.

The problem is that most of these products either don’t give you enough information to make it work or they just mislead you about how they work.

This product sounds great on the surface and really tempts you to just jump in until you get into the bones of the product and find it may not be what it appears to be.  I reviewed many other similar products that weren’t as great as they claim.

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Welcome to my cash magnet review: This system claims you can use their special cash magnets to make big money online. You’re probably here because you’ve seen their sales page and you’re wondering if it’s a scam.

The internet is swamped with similar claims like this one from low quality products to outright scams. Many people are promoting this product online but they are just trying to make an easy Buck by scamming you out of your hard-earned money.

What Is Cash Magnet

This system claims this product is beginner-friendly and doesn’t require any software or techy knowledge. You can make money 24/7 while you sleep or play. They say it only takes 30 minutes to get it all set up and start making your first income.

This is a pretty bold claim because I know it takes a lot of work and effort to start making money online. It’s just not realistic to think you can start making money in just 30 minutes so this statement just throws up a red flag to me.

They claim you can just set it and forget it. You set it up one time and it creates income forever. If that were true, the internet would be crashing because everyone would be trying to get in on this miraculous opportunity.

There are systems that will allow you a lifetime passive income, but only if you continue to work on them and keep them updated with fresh content.


How Does Cash Magnet Work

Cash magnet is an online video training course that includes a method to learn how to earn passive income online. It’s a 5 step system that you set it and forget it. The members area offers 8 videos for your use.

Seven of the eight videos are the core training and one is a welcome video. There are 5 cash magnets that you will learn about. See them below.  

Step  1. Creating a funnel

This takes you through the steps a visitor will go through from sign-up to conversion. Your goal will be to move your visitor through the marketing channel, from visitor to repeat customer. You will do this with your website and landing page which contains an optin magnet (form).

Step 2. Write reviews

This is nothing new. It’s what I do right here on this website. I do this to alert people to scan products. It requires a lot of time and effort, unlike this system claims.

Step 3. Blogging

You write a blog post around a product or service you wish to promote.

Step 4. Using YouTube

Step 5. using AdSense

Another module shows you how to drive traffic to your website. I know this sounds like the greatest thing since sliced bread but not everything is as it seems. This product is very misleading.

All these things take time and hard work. There is just no way you can get traffic flowing to your website in just 30 minutes or even overnight or in a week. It’s not easy to get traffic and without traffic there will be no sales or money.

Another thing to point out is that AdSense does not accept everyone who applies. They are an advertising platform so they want websites that have a good following of traffic to see their ads.

Even if they do accept you, it will do you no good if you don’t have traffic.

I didn’t see a thing about keywords in this training. Using targeted keywords is the key to getting traffic to your site. It’s true, any one of the methods above can help you make money but it doesn’t work as they say it does.

These methods require more knowledge than what they are offering up. They also require a lot of skill, hard work and commitment to stick with it for the long haul. It won’t happen quickly.

You’ll need a lot more training then what you will find in these videos and you’ll also need a good support system. There will be many unanswered questions that you need answers and there will be no support for you to call on.

Is Cash Magnet A Scam

No it’s not a scam but it’s not a method that a beginner would understand and be able to make any money with. You would just end up frustrated and  quit trying. You need some skills and some specific tools to bring traffic to your site.

You don’t just “build it and they will come”. They won’t even find your site unless you know how to get it ranked in the search engines.

The training is only good for folks who are already have the skills to use this training but are just looking for some new pointers and fresh ideas.

The owners of this product are top internet marketers that have been creating products for years and there’s no doubt they are making lots of money but it’s from selling their own product to people like you who don’t really understand what it takes to make money online.

I believe the owners of this system have good intentions but they’ve been in the business so long , I feel like they don’t remember how difficult it is to get started for a beginner.

They say it’s for beginners but I can tell you from experience, there is definitely a stiff learning curve here. Even with several years of experience, parts of this training are simply over my head.

I just don’t get parts of it. They assume you know things that a beginner just wouldn’t know. Your best bet always is to learn how internet marketing works first before you dive in.

Learn the structure from the ground up and you can usually figure out what you need to do. The cold hard truth is, there are no easy and fast ways to make money online.

It takes a lot of hard work and effort. This system is no different than lots of other get rich quick schemes that claim you can make fast cash easy.


  • Money back guarantee
  • Method is legit
  • It is possible to make money with this method but it takes time and a lot of it work.


  • Training not very in-depth.
  • Not beginner-friendly.
  • Misleading.

I hope this review has given you enough information that you can make an educated decision whether to purchase this product or not.

If you don’t already know how to do internet marketing, this product will leave you overwhelmed.


So, while this may not be a scam, it is very misleading and they do make a lot of unrealistic claims so be careful when choosing a platform.

To answer your question, Can I make money from affiliate marketing, the answer is yes.  You can make money from affiliate marketing and lots of it.

The key is to get the proper training before you start.

My #1 Recommended platform for learning will give you the in-depth training to get you on a path to success.  It’s free to get started.

Let’s make money online!


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