7 Minutes Daily Profits Review

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7 Minute Daily Profits Review



Product: 7 Minutes Daily Profits

Website: 7minsdailyprofits.online

Owner/ Vender: Vince Howard

Price: Free Must purchase server @ $9. Then Upsells

Rating: 2/10

Recommendation: No


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What Is 7 Minutes Daily Profits

What this product claims is that they’re giving you a free software that will allow you to make a lot of money, (up to $500 a day), in a very short amount of time. It could be your golden ticket To Riches by making loads of easy money online.

They also say you can make all this money by just working seven minutes a day.  There some red flags here that are very easy to spot.  One is that as an experienced marketer, I know it takes a lot more work than what you can do in just seven minutes.

The second thing is, while it is true that you can certainly make five hundred dollars a day working online, it takes a lot of time and effort on your part before you will be able to make that kind of money.

You’ll have to first gain trust of your visitors by helping them and you’ll need a lot of traffic coming to your website.  You won’t get that from a done for you website.

Well I know this all sounds great and is very tempting, but you got to use your noodle here. You know it sounds too good to be true and you know what they say about products that sound too good to be true.

I think, from everything I see here, that this is really just a get-rich-quick scheme. You’re going to see the absolute truth exposed here.  I have reviewed many other similar products that have turned out to be scams or at the very least, misleading.

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How Does 7 Minutes Daily Profits Work

They claim it is a free software to help you make $500 Everyday by working only 7 minutes a day. You can work from anywhere that has an internet connection. They say the software is free but the kicker is you have to purchase your own server from them.

Once you purchase the server you will be asked to purchase several upsells. If you don’t purchase the upsells, you will not be able to progress to a point you will make money. They just type this product so that it is very hard to resist joining up.

Even  I, as an experienced marketer was tempted. Don’t waste your time on this one. I’ve tested out so many products like this and they all use the same tactics to lure people into their scheme and take their money. I cannot recommend this product.


Is 7 Minutes Daily Profits A Scam

I guess you can’t call this product of scam because there is a little useful training here and ClickBank does say they have a 60-day money-back guarantee. You must read the fine print on that ClickBank guarantee though because it has a long list of requirements.

You may not qualify for a refund so don’t count on it. Why would you waste your time and risk losing your hard-earned money with a product like this when there are so many legitimate products where you can make real money.

Another thing you might want to be aware of is, these testimonials are all fake. They’re Simply Hired actors. Also the income Graphics are fake as well  and I suspect that even the owner’s name is fake.

If this was a legit product why would they need to hire actors to lie and do fake testimonials? Because they don’t have real testimonials and they don’t have folks making that kind of money.

That’s why I have shown you the absolute truth exposed here. My goal here is to help folks avoid being scammed online. As an experienced marketer who does make money online, I know how it works and what it takes to make money.

You can’t make money by working 7 minutes a day and you won’t become rich overnight. There are great products you can use to make money online and save yourself the heartache of being scammed.

If you need some training on how this all works, you can get started for free. Heck, you won’t even need to give any credit card info. When I started my online business, I didn’t know a thing about marketing, had no Tech skills and had never built a website.

I learned everything from the platform I’m going to show you. I was dumb as a post about this online business stuff, so if I could learn, anyone can. It’s  a very simple strategy to learn.

You don’t need all that special software and gadgets in order to make money online.  That’s just a way for the owners of this system to make more more off your back.

You just have to dedicate the time and work. You have to commit to stick to it because it will take time. Don’t let failure be an option. There are literally hundreds of lessons, video tutorials, webinars and live chat support 24/7.

You can start learning and at the same time get your website up and running. It’s really easy it’s free to get started.

Not only that, if you go ahead and fill out your profile, post an image, (it doesn’t need to be of you if you don’t want it to be) it can be any image, and say a few words about yourself, (it doesn’t have to be personal), then you can get me as your personal coach to help you start making money a little faster.

Having a personal coach guide you through the training makes it a little easier and I have lots of tips and tricks to make things move along a little faster a little smoother.

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