Smart Money Methods Review: Is It A Scam Or Legit

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Are you searching for ways to make money online and wondering if smart money methods might be the right one for you?  You’re smart to check out my review before getting into a program you’re not sure about.

Product: Smart Money Methods

Website: smart
Owner/Founder: Mark Foster
Price: $37. plus Upsells


This is a very vague and mysterious method that says you can make thousand of dollars starting today.  You just have to sign up and start making money.
Can this be true?  From my experience, I say no, it won’t work but let’s dig in and check it all out.

Smart Money Methods Review

What Is Smart Money Methods

Before I even get started with this review of Smart Money methods, let me just say, beginners beware.  These sites play on beginners who are yearning and searching desperately for ways to make money online.

They know you are wanting to make money fast and because of that they know you are more vulnerable and consider you a much easier sell.

There is no quick way to make money online and it will not be like this video tells you .  There is no way you can make thousands by only working 30 minutes a day.

He sucks you in with sad stories and then draws you further in with the promise of making huge amounts of money by only working 30 minutes a day.

He says what you see here is new and extremely lucrative, but all the way through the video there is not one single mention of how you will do this or of what you will be doing to make all this money.

I will tell you, the reason he never mentions how it will be done or what you will be doing is because there is nothing there and you won’t be making money.

All these ClickBank products are very similar in the way they operate.  You can check out a few of the others I’ve reviewed below:

Smart Money Methods Review

How does It Work

Well, it’s difficult to say because there is absolutely no mention of how it works or what you do to make money.  They expect you to just go blindly into a program and give them your hard earned money when you have no clue what you will be getting for it.

There is no legitimate method where you could make that kind of money online and they won’t be saying you can.  It plays on beginners and people that are hurting for money.

Making money online is not easy.  It’s a simple process but it’s not easy.  It takes a lot of hard work to get it going and work up to where you are making really good money.

The video says you can start making money today.  That is a big red flag to me.  There is no method where you can make real money by signing up today and start making money right away.


Is Smart Money Methods Scam

They do give you a system or method to make money online so I guess you can’t really call it a scam but is there really any value there for the money? No, not in my opinion but you might consider  it to have value.

I don’t think this method can work for most people without some training.  If I knew what I would be selling or what I would be doing to earn money I could be a much better judge of if it could work or not.

I don’t like websites that mislead the visitors.  Watch out for red flags that give you a clue to whether this is a good product or a great big scam.  If it is vague and doesn’t tell you how you will make money online then it is probably a scam.

Build Your Own Online Business To Make Money Online

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The platform I used has comprehensive, step by step training that will teach you everything you need to know to create a successful online business.

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