How Do Keywords Work: Best Keywords Get Best Results

How Do Keywords Word

People ask me all the time, How do keywords work.  The answer is simple. The better the keyword, the better the results.

Keywords may let your visitors know at a glance what your post or article is about.

Keywords optimize your website, posts, articles and pages for search engines which help you to get ranked in these search engines.

Keywords also bring traffic to your website. When an internet user types a word or phrase into a search box of a search engine such as Google, Bing or Yahoo, the search engine pairs that person with websites or post and pages using that particular word or phrase.

Did you know that about 95% of your website traffic is coming from about 5% of your post. It might be a wise decision on your part to study what you are doing differently with the 5% of your post because you must be doing something right with it.

Short Tail and Long Tail Keywords

Short tail keywords consist of only one or two or three words such as egg, or brown egg or large brown egg, while long tail keywords consist of more than three words such as large fluffy scrambled brown eggs.

The short tail keywords will naturally bring more traffic to your website but may not be as valuable as long tail keywords bring because it is less targeted and may have a much lower conversion rate.

The competition may be greater for ranking a short tail keyword because it is so broad. Long tail keywords may not bring you as much traffic but the traffic it brings is so much more valuable because it is so much more targeted than short tail keywords would bring.


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Find SEO Keywords

In order to find SEO keywords you must first know your topic. Once you have a topic in mind, you need to make a list of the most important things you know about your particular topic. You can then use your list of things you know about your topic and research each item on your list to discover keywords. This is done by doing a search in Google, Bing, Yahoo or any of the other search engines. You can also use any number of keyword tools, either free or premium.

Here’s a great Keyword tool that help you with finding the very best keywords


Free Keyword Research

Yes, you can do your keyword research for free. One method of free keyword research is using the search engines. Google, Bing and Yahoo are excellent places to do your research and all for free. Who doesn’t love free, right?  I love using Google’s alphabet soup method.  You type in your word and then use an extra letter after the word, starting with an A and working your way through the alphabet.

Keyword Tools

So, yes, there are the free keyword tools which are the search engines but there are more in depth keyword tools that you can use for a minimal fee. A few such tool are Jaaxy, Google Adwords Keyword Planner, Google Correlate, SEMrush and many others. There are so many tools for this purpose that it leaves no excuse for not doing your keyword research.



Keyword Planner

To name a couple of planners, Google Keyword Planner and AdwordsTraffic Estimator. The keyword planner is a more focused version of the keyword Tool and provides ideas and traffic estimates while the Adwords Traffic Estimator Tool will make your job a lot easier as the focus is to make it easier for advertisers to get through the process of creating new ad groups and campaigns.


Can you Rank Your Post Without Keywords

Well yes and no. Here’s the thing, keywords are definitely important to get your post or pages ranked in the search engines. We all know that. But according to a friend of mine who is an internet marketer has a different thought on this.

He says “don’t fret if you can’t find a suitable keyword”. Just go ahead and write your post. Maybe you’ll come up with the perfect keyword while you are writing your story. If you don’t then just save the post for an hour or two and if by then you haven’t come up with a suitable keyword, go ahead and publish it. Chances are, eventually you will find the proper keyword and you can add it to the post.

I think the reason this might work is because if you have something good to write about, a good story to tell, then you will automatically write the keywords. They will just naturally be a part of your story. So, if you don’t find that really great keyword don’t fret too much.

The process I like to use is to decide on a topic first. Write down everything you know about your topic. Try to come up with at least six things that you know and can use for your paragraph headings. Go ahead and use this as your outline.

Now take these headings over to your keyword tool and research to find the very best long tail keywords possible for each of these headings.

Once I have your keywords, I then use the keywords in the heading and again in the paragraph. This method just makes it easier for me to write my story.



In conclusion, yes keywords are very important in getting your post and pages ranked in search engines which will bring you traffic. While the keywords are important, if you don’t find what you feel is the perfect keyword, don’t fret or throw in the towel. Just write your post in an engaging way and it will be fine.

Your keywords will pretty much flow naturally with your niche. If you have researched your niche well, you will have your keywords established without even thinking about it.

Use all the tools available when researching for your post and your keywords. There are many available. Research if a short tail or long tail keyword is better for your particular post. The short tail will probably bring more traffic but won’t be as targeted and won’t convert as well. The long tail will probably bring less traffic but will be much more targeted and will convert better.

Always remember to be grateful and pay your blessings forward.


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