Best And Worst Of Amazon Associates: Review 2018:


Amazon Associates Review 2018 :The Good and Bad

Amazon Rain Forrest

Amazon, it’s called the online superstore, and it certainly is that.  You can buy anything from cat food to cheese cake, electronics and TVs and just about anything else.

I’ll bet just about everyone reading this review has purchased at least one or two things from this amazing online superstore.  I know I’ve purchased my share from there.  Did you know you can even buy your groceries their?

Amazon shopping is not the only reason some love Amazon.  It peaks another interest among many.  Amazon offers a very popular program for affiliate marketers to take part in.  It’s called Amazon associates Program.

While it’s true that Amazon associates program is referred to as the KING of affiliate marketing, not all Amazon associates are happy with Amazon due to changes in the way commissions are paid.

Before the changes, commission rates were paid depending on the total dollar amount sold by the affiliate, but since the changes, commission rates are paid by each individual categories.  These changes are not sitting well with many affiliates.

Some of the big dollar affiliates (thousands of dollars a month) have taken a big hit and they are not happy while others have seen a substantial increase.  Folks who are promoting products such as digital video games and luxury beauty products have seen increases and some are earning up to 10%.  Needless to say these are the happy campers.

There are ways to satisfactorily deal with this setback.  Just do your research.

Some Pros and Cons

First The Pros

Amazon is the most trusted affiliate program

Simple to sign up

Simple to use

options for ad displays

Millions of product to promote

Safe for users

You get a commission for everything the customer buys on this sale, not just for the product you are promoting.

You can get paid when you have as little as $10.00 in commissions



As I see it the 3 biggest cons are:

Paypal commission payments not supported

Low commission rates

Only 24 hour cookies




Amazon associates does have some faults, there’s no doubt, but there’s a lot of good points to keep in mind, such as, being such a trusted site you will have better conversion rates and you can certainly make a good amount of dough.  Also Amazon Associates is here for the long haul so it’s worth sticking with.

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