The one question I get ask more than any other is this, how much money can you make.…..with affiliate marketing, blogging, working online and many other variations of this same question.

Honestly, I can’t tell you how much money you WILL make but I can tell you how much money you CAN make. The sky is the limit. That doesn’t mean you WILL make a lot of money. You see, it’s totally up to you, the individual, and how you do things.

You only get out of it what you put into it. It takes a lot of hard work, long hours and dedication in the beginning to make a lot of money working online with affiliate marketing. It is not instant gratification. It won’t happen overnight.

It takes time to build your website, write a lot of content, get traffic and gain trust in your site. A lot of people get overwhelmed and quit just when they are on the verge of success. They then become the naysayers, saying that affiliate marketing doesn’t work.

I am here to tell you that the affiliate marketing system works. It is a slow process and takes at least months and sometimes years before you earn real money. I speak from experience. I have been working on my affiliate marketing website for five months now and I am earning a steady, monthly income every single month.

If you’re willing to work hard and stay the course, then you can become an online success story. Affiliate marketing is a real job.

You can do a Google search to see many Wealthy affiliate success stories. These people are living proof that the affiliate marketing platform works when done right.

Dom W. is one Wealthy Affiliate success story. He founded his online business called Human Proof Designs in 2014 and is now raking in more than $700,000. a year.

He started out just like you and me. He had ambition and drive and Wealthy Affiliate had the training and platform that Dom needed so he took it and ran with it.

Nathaniel, another Wealthy Affiliate success story, still hangs out at Wealthy Affiliate, helping both newbies and oldies in any way he can, to achieve the same kind of success he achieved and also he is paying it forward.

Nathaniel earns his full time living with the skills he learned from the training at Wealthy Affiliate. Like most Wealthy affiliate success stories, he has several websites that use top affiliate programs to make money online. He’s been a member at Wealthy Affiliate since 2010.

Christine, another Wealthy Affiliate success story Christine had already experienced some success as an affiliate marketer before joining Wealthy Affiliate but she was looking for a platform that could help her readers learn the business skills needed for a successful internet business.

She not only found that at Wealthy Affiliate but she was also able to sharpen her own skills in the process.

Doug,The Teen affiliate Marketer Doug is only a teen ager. His blog is about teens looking for ways to make money online and he has documented his income on Wealthy Affiliate at over $6,000. a month.

I could go on and on with Wealthy Affiliate success stories but you get the picture.

You just need to go in and have a look around. It’s free so you have nothing to lose. No credit card required!

Now, lets get back to the making money thingy. A lot of newbies come rushing in to Wealthy Affiliate, head right to the live chat, where you can get help and ask questions.

You’d think they would be asking something like how do I get started or what should I do first or how do I set up my website for success. nope, the first things they ask are when can I start getting paid, how do I get paid for my work, how much money can I make.

Have you heard the saying, “Give and you shall receive”. Well that especially holds true with affiliate marketing. Here’s why.

The way you make money with affiliate marketing is to promote affiliate programs on your website. You first build a nice website that is aesthetically pleasing, and easy to navigate. You write articles about the affiliate products you are promoting.

And then you write more and more articles, every day if possible but at minimum, two or three times a week, all relating to the products you are promoting. This called content writing.

Your content is eventually what will bring traffic to your website and this traffic is the people who will click on and purchase the product you are writing about.

In order to do this writing you first need to identify a problem the visitor is having and your product will be the solution. I know this sounds very confusing but it really is so easy.

That’s why you are told not to try to rush the making money. It will come but first you need to learn how the system works.

If you go through the training from start to finish (don’t skip around or just skim over it) you will come out as an expert affiliate marketer.

This is a lifetime skill and is a precious thing to have. Don’t throw it away. If you don’t take the time to properly do everything, you will not succeed. You will get frustrated and end up quitting.

Your fortune is at your finger tips and is just waiting for you to grab it but you can’t rush it. Without the training, you will not understand exactly what is needed to succeed.

Wealthy affiliate offers a free membership where you can set up two free websites and take the first ten entrepreneur lessons. you can stay a starter member forever but you just won’t be able to use some of the premium tools. You will still be able to access your websites and work on them. If this sounds like something you would like to check out, click the link below.


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