Five Minute Profit Sites Review: Scam or Real Profit

Five Minute Profit Sites Review

I’m sure someone has recommended this product to you with claims that you can make money online or should I say, make a lot of money, very quickly, with very little work involved,

The truth is creating a successful online business takes time and hard work. It doesn’t happen overnight. I congratulate you on doing your research before just jumping into something. That’s how you avoid scams

Product Name: Five Minute Profit Sites

Founder: Sam Smith unknown

Product Type: scam sales funnel that promotes ClickBank


Price: $37 + up sells

Best For: Owners and affiliates promoting this product

Rating: 0

Recommended: No (scam alert!)

Five Minute profit sites makes some unrealistic promises that you can make lots of quick cash in just 5 minutes and 17 clicks. Let’s dive in and see if there is any truth to their claims.

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The Truth About Five Minute Profit Sites

Five Minute Profit Sites promises that you can make lots of quick cash and they do give you a pre-built website where you are supposed to make that money, but I can tell you, it takes more than just having a website to make money online.

I make money online with my website and I have an email list but it took a lot of training to learn how to make money online. It also took time and lots of hard work. It certainly took more than a day or two, even more than a week or month to start earning money online.

In fact it took me about six months to make my first dollar and a lot longer for my next one.  I now have a regular monthly income that I can depend on but it took a lot of hard work to get to this point.

I have yet to find anything better or a quicker way to start making money online.  Patience, time and a fair amount of hard work is the key to success with affiliate marketing.

How Does Five Minute Profit Sites Work

I’ve been seeing a whole lot of hype amongst friends and others in the last few weeks about Five Minute Profit Sites and I Think it’s time to take a look at it and try and save some folks from wasting a lot of money.

On their site they make this claim, “NEW! CONTROVERSIAL Software Exploits $12.3 MILLION LOOPHOLE & Makes Us $519/DAY…”

They show you a video telling you how this secret software will allow you to make lots of money but the actress in the video probably doesn’t even have anything to do with this program or know anything about it.

They say you can start making this large amount of money in just 5 minutes and 17 clicks.. Now, I know about running an online business and I can tell you for a fact this doesn’t happen.

In order to make any money or achieve any kind of success, you need traffic to your site and getting traffic to your site takes hard work, time and effort before you see any results.

It seems that the biggest promoters of this product are the owners of the website and affiliates of clickbank.


Product effectiveness

According to Five Minute Profit Sites, you need to set up a clickbank account, set up an email account, set up a website and start using the program. They claim you can start making $519. a day in just five minutes and 17 clicks.

As an experienced internet marketer, I know you have to have a great deal of traffic to your website in order to get a few clicks on your product.

Traffic doesn’t come easy to your site. You need lots of awesome, engaging content to bring folks to your site. You need to do lots of SEO work and get ranked in Google to get traffic. It’s not a simple task even for the experienced marketer.

Product benefits

You may luck out and make a few bucks eventually but it won’t be quick and it won’t be consistent.

A better product

For me, personally, I prefer to use a better product.

There are some legit and good business models to make consistent passive income, IF ONLY you choose the right company with the right system to follow.

My top recommendation for anyone to make money online is with Affiliate Marketing!

The reason is simple…

Affiliate marketing allows you to choose any product or program you wish to promote.  You can mix and match your portfolio to your hearts content.  No need to promote any questionable products.

You’re not limited to only promote products from the same company.

In affiliate marketing, you can literally promote anything you want. For example, you can promote anything you see that is selling on Amazon.

In fact, with affiliate marketing…

I’ve created a monthly income for myself that I can count on by choosing to promote products that I know and love. I don’t need to promote products that I question the legitimacy of.


What You’ll Need To Really Make Money Online

  • Your own website with your own domain, not a sub-domain
  • Your site will need to be optimized for search engines
  • You’ll need great content and lots of it
  • You’ll need to get ranked in the search engines
  • You’ll need traffic

It takes most folks several months to learn all these things required to make money online. Stop wasting your time with these low quality products.

If you want to make real money online and start a real online business that will sustain you for years to come, something that is real and legit and can be passed on to your family in the future when you no longer need or want it, the go here to get the proper training and start your new business the proper way!



So, what’s the truth here? Is Five Minute Profit Sites really legit or a great big scam? I guess I can’t say for surre that it’s a complete scam. You may make a little bit of money but it won’t be that quick and it won’t be consistent.




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