10 Step Plan: How To Achieve You Goal

I’ll show you How to achieve your goal in 10 easy steps

I’m not a life coach, or executive coach, but I can show you how to achieve your goals.   As a successful online marketer, who loves giving back or paying it forward, I do have a lot of experience with helping people achieve their goals towards achieving success.

Hi, I’m Fran, and it is one of my greatest joys in life to help others be able to live a better life by achieving financial success when they had no hope before.  So many struggle with financial woes.  They either have no education, no transportation, no child care or any number of reasons they are being held back from any kind of success.

I’ve walked in your shoes and that’s why it’s so important to me to help you gain the knowledge and belief in yourself, to guide you on a path to a better life.  With the right tools, you can succeed.  That’s how I can help.  I can help you find the right tools and opportunities that will lead you to financial success.

My 10 Step Plan

  1. Believe and Achieve
  2. Visualize your end result
  3. Write it down
  4. Purpose  (why is this goal important)
  5. Commit yourself to the end goal
  6. Make a plan of action how to get it done)
  7. Focus on the plan
  8. No time like the present to get started
  9. Hold yourself accountability
  10. Reviews

1. Believe and Achieve

Belief and faith in yourself is of utmost importance in achieving success in reaching your goal.  With commitment, determination, hard work, belief and faith in yourself, you can accomplish anything.  If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.  You can literally turn your dreams into reality so set your goals now.

2. Visualize  Know exactly what you want.  What would your perfect life be like. Think of what you deeply desire in your life. What do you want your life to be like one year from now. What changes need to take place for that life to happen? What do you need to know or learn? What spiritual, emotional, personal, financial, social or physical properties need to be addressed?  You must have a very clear vision of what you want your life to become and what it will take to accomplish those goals. The clearer you are with each of these dimensions, the easier it will be to bring your vision into sharp focus. The clearer you are, the easier it will be to focus on making it happen.

3. Write it down! Writing down your goals is key to success. Writing down your goals keeps them clearly in your mind.  When you don’t write your goals down, you often lose sight of them which results in failure to focus. Write them down where you can see them everyday.

4. Purpose. Knowing why you want to achieve your goals is powerful. Knowing the purpose of your goal helps you to recognize why you want that particular goal and whether it’s worth working toward. Knowing why you want something offers powerful motivation to see it through to the finish. The more important the purpose and goal, the more motivated you will be to achieve.

5. Commit. This might sound obvious to you but it’s a step and it is, but when the going gets tough, so many loose that commitment and give up the goal. This can have disastrous consequences when it’s taken lightly. Write a few pages about why and how you are committing to each goal; why it’s important to you, what it means to you, why the outcome is necessary and what are you going to do to make it happen. Without strong commitment you aren’t likely to follow through.

6. Stay focused. By focusing on your goals, setting your affirmations, you manifest. You may not know how you’ll reach your goals but when you make a daily practice of focus, they become easier to reach. Having your goals written down somewhere where you will see them each day is a good idea. Your mind will notice that there is a discrepancy between where you are now and where you want to be which will create pressure to change. If you lose focus you can always bring it back. Without a regular practice of focusing on your goals you may be distracted by something.

7. Plan of action. Be really clear about what you want, know your purpose, write down your goals, commit to them, and stay focused.  This gives you the power of clarity to write down a list of action steps. You may not know all the steps ahead of time but you will know the next steps that take you in that direction. Having goals without a plan of action is like trying to complete a complex project without a project plan. There is too much going on, it’s too disorganized, you miss deadlines and you don’t have priorities. Eventually you get frustrated and the project/goal fails or collapses under its own weight.

8. No Time Like the Present. To show how committed you are to your goals, think of something you can do right now that will get you moving toward fulfilling your goals. Even if it’s just making a phone call, do it now. You will be surprised how this simple step reinforces all the previous steps and gets you motivated and moving toward what you desire. If you are not motivated to do something right now, how are you going to get motivated tomorrow?

9. Accountability. To push through when things get tough, you have to hold yourself accountable unless you bring in outside help like a coach who provides it for you. It makes sense to have someone beside yourself who can provide valuable feedback at critical junctures, like a friend or a mentor. Telling your friends and family about your goals may give you the accountability your need.

10. Review. Make it part of your day to review your goals and take action. This keeps your goals alive and top of mind. It’s a good time to convert the over all plan into discrete action steps that you can take through out the week. It will also help you be aware if one goal feels stuck and you are over compensating on another goal.

By following these steps and practicing your goals each day, you have all the elements you need to succeed and achieve your goals. It isn’t always easy to keep going. Some days will be easier than others but if you stay focused on your goals you will be amazed at the progress you will make. Remember, almost everything begins as a thought. You can be what you imagine if you follow these simple steps.

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4 thoughts on “10 Step Plan: How To Achieve You Goal”

  1. I think that the steps 6 and 7 are the most important for me. I could organize everything but after a while, I lose focus. That’s why it’s really beneficial to me when I make an outline and write down every step one by one.
    Not that I always follow them, 😛 but at least I’ll make more progress this way.

    • Hi Jenny:Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments.  I know what you mean about losing focus.  I too outline all my projects to help keep me on track.  I even outline my posting and courses before attempting to write them.  Thanks again!


  2. This is a really good plan to help people achieve their goals.

    I think one more step I would add in there is to follow a method that’s been proven to work — otherwise you’ll end up no where even if you do you everything else you listed.

    But ya I think following a proven method, writing out an action plan, physically taking action on your plan, and never giving up like you said will make you successful.

    Thanks again for these great tips and I’ll be sure to look at them again.


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