Commission Hero Review: Legit Or Big Scam


Are you looking for more freedom and Independence in your life? Need more money? Welcome to my Commission Hero Review. As an experienced marketer, I can see several red flags popping up at a glance.

No experience needed, at least a thousand dollars a day, no skills needed. I look for these red flags as I review products and all things considered, I usually avoid the ones with these particular signs.

Of course that doesn’t always mean it is a scam. I know how much work is involved in affiliate marketing. I know the skills and experience needed to be a successful marketer, so let’s dive right In and see what we find.


Commission Hero


 What Is Commission Hero

Commission Hero is one of the latest money making products on ClickBank. Its creator is Robbie Blanchard. It’s an online training system that shows one of the best ways to make money online, affiliate marketing.

In case you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, it’s the process where you promote other people’s products in exchange for a commission. You can find products like this to promote on websites like ClickBank, Warrior plus, Commission Junction and many others.

You can also just choose any products from and join their Associates program to promote their products. You don’t need this system in order to find great affiliate products to promote.

In fact, if you type any product into google and add + affiliate program you will see that most every product you can think of offers an affiliate program.

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 How Does Commission Hero Work

Commission Hero is a 3-step system. The claim is that it’s so much faster and easier than other affiliate marketing systems. But isn’t that what they all claimed? Isn’t that one of the most prominent red flags we strive to avoid?

I don’t think you will find Commission Hero to be easy at all or any faster to make money than any of the other systems out there

Here’s the three steps:

  1. Find the highest commission offers on ClickBank to earn the most money
  2. Use your Facebook account to run ads
  3.  use Robbie’s psychological method of creating an “open-loop” that gets people to buy into your offers.

You do not need any product, no inventory, no email list and you don’t even need a website. You will get a lot of ad images that  have made millions of dollars. So, you get done-for-you landing pages and a complete Facebook “Super Profit” trading system.

You will also get private coaching with this system. There are lots of bonuses with this. This is going to be very expensive if you expect to make any money with it.


Is Commission Hero A Scam

I wouldn’t exactly call this system a scam. If you have a lot of money to put into it, you may make a decent amount of money. Make no mistake, this is a very expensive system to become a part of and with all the red flags popping up, I’d say it is risky at best.

Do you have $1,000 to lose? If not then I would steer clear of this product.  There is no way I would promote this product.  If you feel comfortable promoting it that’s your decision.

Product: Commission Hero

Vendor/Creator: Robbie Blanchard

Price:  $997. or two payments of $5

Rating: 2/10

Recommended: No



  •  proven results
  •  easy step-by-step training
  •  coaching by successful mentor
  •  money back guarantee



  •  all the above are questionable claims
  •  not as easy as they say
  •  Requires continuously spending more money
  •  too expensive
  •  additional expense for landing page software


This review is simply an opinion. I am and experience affiliate marketer. I recognize a number of red flags that tell me this product can not be as easy as Robbie says it is and will be very expensive to have a chance at success.


 My Top Alternative To Commission Hero


 My alternative affiliate training will teach:

  •  alternative methods of traffic generation
  •  psychology of the buying cycle
  •  how to find affiliate products to promote
  •  how to set up S.E.O.


 My #1 Recommendation

 My top recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate. The reason I recommend them is because you get the most amazing training and software to get you started on the right path to a successful online business.

You’ll learn how to set up your website properly and how to write content that ranks in Google.  Your learn how to optimize your website so that the search engines will find it and send traffic to you and so much more.

There are no hidden costs. They teach you how to drive traffic to your website organically which means it is free. Other programs require that you buy traffic to make their system work and that can get very expensive.

This kind of traffic is also not as good as the free traffic because it’s not targeted to your niche. The free, organic traffic is targeted to your Niche which means they come to your website ready to buy.

Wealthy affiliate has two membership levels, free and premium. You can get started for free. If for any reason at all you either can’t or don’t choose to upgrade to Premium, it’s okay.

You can remain a free starter member for as long as you like. You can upgrade to premium at any time along the way. Check out the membership comparison chart below


If you want to check out Wealthy Affiliate click here.

Membersip Comparison Chart

 Yes it’s a proven fact you can make money using the free membership but some of your commissions will be less with the free membership but it does work.



This post may contain affiliate links for more info visit my disclosure page.

Please note, I am not a member of, or an affiliate for Commission Hero.  This review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain.  Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations.  See full disclaimer for more info.

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