Affiliate Robot Review 2020

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Affiliate Robot Review 2020






 Welcome to my  Affiliate Robot review 2020.

There’s no better time to be working as an affiliate marketer with all that’s going on in our world right now. Folks are losing their jobs by the millions and searching desperately for a new way to make a living. As an affiliate marketer you can feel secure that as long as you keep working your business it will keep working for you and no one can fire you.

There are no layoffs to worry about. Affiliate robot software will be able to automate your entire affiliate marketing business and generate thousands of qualified buyers that will  allow you to earn three figures a day income just using this app that does all the work for you.

This company claims they will bring you traffic where the other apps don’t. If you want to make money online, my friend, it’s all about the traffic. If you just follow the the App along as it shows you, you can start earning a three-figure a day income almost immediately. Sounds too good to be true? I know!

I’ve tried a few other similar products over years and lost a lot of money trying to learn the affiliate marketing business.  Its a risky business with so many scams online.  That’s why I’m here writing these reviews because I don’t want you to lose money like I did.


 Product:   Affiliate Robot

Vendor:   Billy Darr

Price:   $17 Plus expensive upsells

Rating: 5 / 10

Recommended: Yes, but I don’ recommend it for beginners



Affiliate Robot Review



 What Is Affiliate Robot

 Affiliate Robot is an app that lets you leverage other people’s videos to get free traffic to your website. This app will do Automatic Social Posting for you and it comes with Review

complete training. You will be able to get free viral traffic in just 60 Seconds. You can use that traffic to generate $50 to $100 plus a day and you can use it as many times a day as you like.

You don’t need experience or tech skills. It’s an all done-for-you automated  system that lets you earn with ease. So if you’re searching for ways to work at home and earn enough money to support yourself as well as enjoying a few of the Finer Things in life this may be your ticket to Financial Freedom. The thing is, I tried so many similar products that I always take a long pause before jumping in.  You can check out some of my other reviews by clicking the links below.

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If you want to start an affiliate marketing business but don’t have a clue where to start, click the button below and get started for free!


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Why work for someone else when you can enjoy working from the Comforts of your home or while traveling to exotic places while earning as much money as you want. It’s so easy anyone can do it what all marketers strive for is viral traffic and you can get there a lot easier using this software. No matter what niche you are in, this can work for you.

You can just work whenever you want and live life on your own terms. As every affiliate marketer knows, your success is based on traffic. No matter if you are selling membership sites, econ, courses or PLR, you have to get traffic to your site to be successful. The way you get traffic to your site is by giving your visitors affiliate hacks that they love. How do I do this you ask?

You give them awesome content on topics they like. This idea can apply to any Niche. Make your content Timeless and inspirational. It’s pretty simple, really. You can post news stories that are Niche related as well as jokes and memes that are shared. But what we want here is instant buyer traffic.


Affiliate Robot Review


These three marketers have created Affiliate Robot to generate as many affiliate hubs as possible to bring you all the traffic you need. This app solves one of the biggest problems most beginners face, getting traffic to your site. with this app, you get targeted traffic to any affiliate Hub the app builds, almost immediately.

You get thousands of visitors on your offers so you get commissions coming in on autopilot..


 What You Get


  •  Affiliate Robot Software

             access to revolutionary cloud-based affiliate marketing

             business automation software


  •  World Class Customer Support

             the support team is always there for you if you have a problem. Just               send a support ticket and they get you going again and smoothly. 

  • Make money video training

             if you have trouble understanding written instructions, just no,                       the include video

             training to ensure you get it right


  • Affiliate robot  agency license

            the creators are giving  the first do buyers this for free worth $497.                this means you can

            use this to set up the affiliate robot software to others and make a                  ton of money there


  • $50 a day case study


They’ll walk you through how they make $50 a day by video marketing

 Who Is Affiliate Robot For

It’s for everyone,  from beginner to Pro. It’s perfect for retirees, disabled, military spouses, college students, stay-at-home moms and everyone else. It doesn’t matter if you have no experience., you can use this app according to the creators.



  •  brings in fast targeted traffic cloud-based   access from anywhere 
  •  works on any device
  •  Newbie-friendly
  •  free training
  •  free agency license worth $497
  •  automate your entire affiliate marketing business




  •  expensive upsells
  •  questionable if it works that fast
  •  traffic  may not be targeted enough
  •  a new beginner may not understand the program and how it works


Is Affiliate Robot A Scam

No, I don’t believe Affiliate Robot is a scam.   I do believe that an experienced person could make some money with this but I think a beginner would have a little trouble you may need to have some tech skills to make this work.

 I’m just not willing to take the risk at this time.  


My #1 Recommended 

A Better Way To Make Money Online

I recommend Wealthy Affiliate above all other platforms for making money online. It is the best platform to learn and earn for affiliate marketers. It’s free to get started and there are no expensive up cells.

The training is focused on teaching you how to build your own online business in any Niche you choose. The core training at Wealthy Affiliate is focused on helping you choose a niche based on your passions and build an affiliate website around that Niche.

Yes Wealthy Affiliate has an affiliate program where you can promote their membership but the main focus is on their training.


Thank you for checking out my article.  If you have any questions or comments please drop them in the comment area below.  I respond to all comments and questions!





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