How To Use Keywords For S.E.O

How To Use Keywords For S.E.O

How To Use Keywords For S.E.O. - is picture of S.E.O. letters



 What Are Keywords

I know there are a lot of beginners out there that struggle with keywords. I know when I first started my own online business, I had no clue how to use keywords for S.E.O. or even if you needed to. Well I’m here to tell you, without the proper use of the keywords your business will go nowhere fast. So,  what are keywords
According to the dictionary a keyword is “a word or concept of great significance”“a word that acts as the key to a cipher or code”“an informative word used in an information retrieval system to indicate the content of a document”.

Keywords are used in content to alert the search engines to what information is in the content. The search engines will send searches to the content if the search keyword is relevant to their search. I’m sure you have heard “Content Is King” a few times and it’s true.  When done right and when you write fresh, informative content with relevant keywords it brings visitors to your site for free.

It’s called organic traffic and that’s the kind you want. That’s why keywords are so important. 


How To Use Keywords In Articles For S.E.O.

The first thing you do for a post or page S.E.O. is enter the title with your keyword as close to the beginning of the title as possible. The next thing is to  place an image that you have optimized with your keyword at the top of the page. You should optimize the image with your keyword, and alt tag and a description.

As you’re moving along you will want to use that same keyword in the first paragraph and the last paragraph. If you don’t understand how to use keywords you’re losing business and that’s not good. If you’re going to make it in your own line business you cannot afford to lose organic traffic. In this article I’ll show you exactly how to use keywords for S.E.O.

You’ll learn the way it should be done so you will Lake, Leeds and the sales that you need.

 S.E.O. = Search Engine Optimization

 You optimize your web pages for better ranking in the search results. Part of this process is used in keywords and phrases that describe what the content is about. The search engines will use the information to determine which content is most relevant to the search. There are many great keyword tools to help you find the perfect word or phrase.

My favorite keyword tool is called Jaaxy.  Once I have my keyword I use it in the title of the article. I use that same keyword again in the first paragraph in the last paragraph.


Jaaxy Logo



 How To Use Meta Keywords For S.E.O.

At the end of your post or page, if you scroll all the way down to the end of the page, you can optimize your Meta. You can add your keywords there as well.  A lot of people forget to do this part. Maybe they’re so excited to get the article done, they just forget.

Don’t do that. This is a really important step. You also need to add a featured image to your article because it’s one more place you can optimize with your keywords.


 How Many Keywords Should I Use In A Post Or Page

You should use one and only one keyword for a post or page. That has been the most effective way for me. You would use the same keyword in the title, the first paragraph and the last paragraph. A lot of people tend to stuff their post with keywords. This can really work against you. Just keep it simple.


 How To Know What Keyword To Use

You will need to do some research to find the best and most relevant keywords for your Niche. The way I do it is, I keep a long list of keywords in my Niche.  I create this list using my trusty keyword tool called Jaaxy.  When I’m going to write a post I go through my list and choose a keyword and write the article around a keyboard.


 Other Ways To Optimize Post And Pages For S.E.O.

Using internal and external links in your post and pages is another great way you can raise your rankings. Google finds your content when your post and pages are  linked to from somewhere on the web.

Those links give Google an idea of the structure of your website. When Google crawls your site by following links, they find the relationships between your content.

Difference between internal links in external links

Internal links- also  known as inbound links. They are hyperlinks that direct the reader to the Target page on your website.

 External links- these are known as outbound hyperlinks because they direct the reader to a reputable page on a different website.



The way you optimize (or don’t  optimize) your site can make or break your business. I know this because it happened to me. I had a website up and running with lots of post and Pages. The posts were well written but I got very little to no traffic. I wrote and wrote with no success. Finally I took a look at a few other websites. They seemed to be doing the same thing I was but their businesses were thriving.

What I couldn’t see was that they were using great S.E.O. techniques and I wasn’t. Heck I didn’t even know what that SEO was. I accidentally came across a website one day that offered a free membership that included S.E.O. training.

I joined for free and bingo! I found what I was missing. If you have a missing component to your success you may want to try the free membership where I learned. It’s called wealthy affiliate you can get your free membership here

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