Affiliate Bots Review: Scam Or The Real Way To Make Money online

Affiliate Bots Review

Welcome to my complete and unbiased review of Affiliate Bots

Product: Affiliate Bots


Owner/Vender: Chris & Ken

Price: $17. + Upsells

Rating: 2/10

Recommended: No

I am always on the lookout for new products to market so when this one popped up, I had to take a look.  The fact that it had seventeen bots that would work for me really peaked my interest.

As I dig deeper into this product, though, it looks a whole lot like a lot of other products I’ve reviewed in the recent past, that just don’t deliver on their claims.

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What Is Affiliate Bots

Affiliate bots is a product for Affiliates to use to promote products and services and make money online.  It’s a system that offers up seventeen bots to help you promote affiliate products and services online.

A lot of folks are looking at this product and asking themselves,  “Is this the real way to make money online”.

The answer is, it’s highly unlikely. The way this product is set up, it’s probably only going to make money for the owners of the website. This product certainly looks good in theory but it is literally a waste of time in my opinion.

You see, these bots are all only giving you basic information that you can find for free, fairly easily online without the help of these bots.


How Does Affiliate Bots Work

You get 17 Bots that you use for a variety of chores and to search for profitable affiliate products that you then will promote and drive traffic to and make commissions on.

They say you will create done for you websites for each product you promote and start making money. I can tell you that this is not going to work the way they say it will.

I’ve been making money for more than a year now, (14 months to be exact), so I know what it takes and how it works. First of all these done-for-you sites don’t work.

They all look alike and create duplicate content and the search engines don’t like that. Also it takes a lot of time and effort to get traffic to your website and without traffic, there are no sales, no money.

If it was that easy, why do all the successful marketers spend hours upon hours creating helpful blog post and writing hundreds of reviews.

Why would we spend so much time setting up our websites for S.E.O. (search engine optimization) so that our sites will rank within the top search engines.

I have been successful only because of all the hard work and consistent attention I have given to my website. I didn’t use any bot software because not only do those automated systems not work, they’re just a fantasy and a dreadful waste of your time.

If you want to make money with affiliate Marketing, you’ll need to learn the real way to make money online.  You’ll need to know how to set up your own website that you have complete control of.

You’ll also need to know how to choose keywords to drive targeted traffic to your website and how to get your website ranked in Google and other search engines.

There is so much you have to know before you will achieve success.  It is a simple process to learn but it all takes time.  The time you spend learning the process will determine the amount of success you achieve in the end.


Is Affiliate Bots A Scam

No, I can’t exactly call this product a scam because you might learn a few things that you could apply to your own website but the key word is “might”.

Also being a ClickBank product, you can give this product a test drive, if you don’t mind wasting your time and ClickBank has a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Personally I prefer to spend my time working in a way that is proven to be successful.

This platform bets on getting a ton of newbies so they use the “shock Factor”.

What I mean by this is, they Intrigue you with the promise that you will make outrageous amounts of money very quickly.

Then they overwhelm you by giving you, not one, not two, but Seventeen bots. They’re banking on the fact that most will just be so overwhelmed they’ll just stop working.

This product may not be a scam but it certainly is misleading. So is this the real way to  money online?

No! Making money online takes time and a lot of work. This product looks like pure value but when you actually learn what it takes to make money online, you’ll be able to recognize the difference between legit products and scams, easily.


Learn What It Actually Takes To Make Money Online

If you are even the least bit tempted to buy into this product, then you need to learn what it actually takes to make money online.

You can learn everything you need to know from a reputable platform. You can get started learning for free. This is the same platform where I learn how to make money online and I have stayed right here for more than three years now.

I learned from a lot of expert trainers, using video tutorials, live webinars with in depth questions and answer sessions and from other members of this platform who have achieved success.

I host my websites here and continue to learn new things every day. The most important thing I learned here is that without the proper training you can waste a whole lot of money trying out ways that really don’t work.

Getting the training you need will save you a lot of time and money and we’ll get you on the right path to success much quicker. If you want to get on the right path to make money online, then go ahead and click on the button below to get started for free.

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