Traffic Of All Trades: Scam Or Can I Make Quick Money Online

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This really looks exciting because it says I can make up to over $1,000 a day starting with the first day. This sounds too good to be true! Can I make quick money online using this system? I’m not so sure!  Let’s dig in and find out.


Product: Traffic Of All Trades


Owner/Vender: Unknown

Price: $3.93 + Upsells

Rating: 2/10

Recommended: No


What Is Traffic Of All Trades

Traffic Of All Trades


Can I make quick money online? No!   Right off the bat I’m suspicious about this product. In the sales Page it says you can start making profits of $100., $200. or even $500. of serious money the very next day.

They say it works with Shopify, CPA, Affiliate offers, ecom sites, Amazon stores and eBay and even AdSense or your own products. Let me just remind you, you can’t make money that fast online.

This will not be the targeted, organic traffic that you need if you get any traffic at all.  I’ve reviewed similar sites like this before:

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Traffic Of All Trades


How Does Traffic Of All Trades Work

They say this product comes with a nine part video series that will teach you the best methods for getting traffic. Included in the product is training for how to build your traffic funnel for attracting highly targeted traffic.

I can tell you, you may get some traffic but it won’t be targeted to what you want it to. The only way to get targeted, organic traffic, that you want is through writing content that is helpful to people.

Folks are searching for Solutions and if you can help them, then you’ll be getting the right kind of traffic that you’ll need in order to make money.

Getting this kind of traffic takes time. Your content has to get ranked with the search engines before they will send traffic to your website.

They say they’re giving you their inside Secrets. They say you can’t fail unless you use the secrets in correctly.

They have a money back guarantee but you probably won’t be able to get it because they’ll say you used the product incorrectly. They are leaving themselves an out.


Is Traffic of All Trades A Scam

Maybe. I know there’s no way most people will make money with this product. You may or may not learn how to use an autoresponder and build an email list but you don’t need this product to do that.

One good thing is that they’ve kept the price low. They say there are no upsells but I doubt that that is true. They have used fake income proofs and they have used fake testimonials made by fake actors.

Now, if this product Is so great, why would they need to use fake actors for their testimonials. My advice to you is, when in doubt, just avoid it. Don’t even waste your time.

There are many good products out there that you can use to really make good money online. I just have to mention a couple of other things before I let you go.

I could not even find the name of an owner or a vendor name for this product anywhere in the sales page and when you buy into their product, you are taken to another website with a different name all together.

It’s called perfect passions This also is a red flag to me. They never tell you how you will apply all the big claims so that you can really make money.

Can I make quick money online with this product? I don’t think so. I’ll just pass on this one. You can really make money online and lots of it but this product won’t give you that opportunity that you are looking for.


Can I Make Quick Money Online?

No, this is no quick way to make money online. I make money online with affiliate marketing and I love my work.

Affiliate marketing is an honest, honorable way to make money online, promoting products that you love, while at the same time helping others by offering solutions to their needs with your content.

It’s a win-win situation. If you have learned this important key to success, you will do well with your online business. My goal is to help you avoid getting scammed and make money online as quick as possible.

If you are serious about making money online, you will need to work very hard to get your business rolling. You need to develop a Content strategy that is consistent.

People come to rely on your post for Solutions. If you are consistent with posting, they will be watching for your next post to get more answers to questions they might have.

Consistency will reap way more traffic than inconsistency. Anyone can make money online if you work hard and stick to the process.  Don’t ask, can I make quick money online, ask can I make money online. The answer to that is yes. Anyone can.

You can’t rush success with an online business. Yes there are methods that move it along faster but you still have to follow all the steps and you can’t leave anything out if you want it to work.

All the successful people here at wealthy affiliate will tell you, it took months or even a year or two to achieve success. One reason is that in the beginning people tend to try to rush it by skipping some of the steps.

They eventually learn and have to go back and do the steps they skipped. The amazing thing about affiliate marketing is, you can make as much money as you want. The sky is the limit.

You just have to decide how much work you are willing to put into it. That is the determining factor to how much money you can make. Wealthy affiliate offers all the training you will ever need.

If you follow their training step by step, you can achieve success. The only way to fail is to not follow the steps or to quit. It requires dedication and determination.

Also, you must  be willing to ask questions and ask for help when you get stuck. Wealthy affiliate is 1.7 million members strong and most people here love helping others.

If you don’t get help the first time, ask again. You can join wealthy affiliate for free and get started. Once you learn your way around the website, you can upgrade to premium to get more training and tools.

There are no upsells here. There’s just a free starter membership and an upgrade to premium membership.,


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