Sixty Minute Flips: 2018 Review

Does Sixty Minute Flips sound too crazy to be true.  I mean who pays $700. for an hours work.  Yeah, that’s what I thought too, when I saw this, but hold on, let’s check it out.

Product: Sixty Minute Flips

Owners: Trevor carr, Lance Groom & Gary Garnett


 Price: $7. Plus Upsells

Scam or Legit: Legit

What Is Sixty Minute Flips?

Sixty Minute Flips was founded  by Trevor Carr, Lance Groom and Gary Garnett.  It’s a training product that teaches you how to flip websites.  They teach you where to find and purchase websites at a very low price and flip them/sell them very quickly for a great profit.

Some profits can go as high as $700. as quick as an hour and some can even go for thousands, although that is certainly not the norm,  The normal range for profits earned is anywhere between $40. and $700.

Anyone can do this and it’s pretty simple but personally, I prefer to apply my energy into building my own, long lasting and more stable online business.  If you don’t have the time to do that right now, then Sixty Minute Flips might be just the thing for you right now.  You can make some money with this.

This product is also a great side hustle for your main online business if you have some extra time and it will earn you a little additional income.

Who Is It For?

Anyone! If you want to make a few extra bucks this might be for you.  You may make $700., you may make less or you may make more, and yes, it is possible and you may do it in less than an hour.  It’s a great little side hustle fo you to add to your portfolio.  The teaching is clear and concise and simple to grasp, and how can you go wrong for only $7.

You want have any trouble learning this method.  In my opinion it also has value because if applied properly, it can work for you.  You can make some money.

What Does It Cost?

The price is the best part about this product.  How often can you say that.  When I first saw this, I was very skeptical.  I thought, okay, here we go again, this is just another scam.They claim you can make $700. or more in an hour or less and they are only charging $7. for the training.  How can that be?  Well, I am presently surprised but I must say they deliver on their promise.

This site does offer upsells but the upsells have a lot of value just like the first part and are also worth the price.

How Does It Work?

Now like I said above, I was skeptical about this product because I write a lot of reviews on other products that offer crazy, ridiculous schemes for making large amounts of money very quickly, but as I looked at the website, it looked very neat, well organized and uncluttered.  I didn’t see a bunch of fake testimonial like you see on other sites.  I could also see that this site was offering valuable training for such a small amount of money.

I was offered upsells and I thought , okay here we go, it’s like all the other sites I’ve encountered but as I dug deeper into it though, I could see it was different.  The upsells have a lot of value and are well worth the price.

The Upsells

Upsell 1. A Four minute Flip Case Study – $17.

I can see where some would say this should be included in the initial purchase but I beg to differ.  The initial Purchase is very inexpensive at only $7. and includes great training that will get                    you started flipping domains.  The upsell, though, adds a whole new dimension.  It actually walks you through an actual act of flipping a domain 4 min

Upsell 2. Instant List Building Strategies -$17.

This upsell promises to teach you how to build a list for selling domains @ Warrior Plus.  If that’s how you want to sell your domains I can see it having value that is worth the price.

Upsell 3.  License Rights To Sixty Minute Flips $47.

This gives you resell rights to not just the original product but to all the upsells as well.  I would say this has value because you could use this to create an online business for yourself just

using this upsell.

As I said above, once in the members area, you will see a clean, well organized and professional looking site.  This was totally unexpected for a $7. product,  For this one low price you get 10 modules of training plus 2 bonus modules and most of these modules contain multiple videos.

I will mention that there is a little repetition here as the 1.5 hour live training is just a recap of the other modules.  I would say you could just skip the live training if you are going through all the modules.  It’s a lot easier to understand in the individual sections instead of one long 1.5 hour session.

  • Sixty Minute Flips

1. Very informative          

This product leaves nothing out.  It includes everything you need to know for flipping domains.  It includes how to find great domains to how to find potential buyers and how to transfer the domains to the buyers.  Another important factor here is that this product teaches you how to flip these domains quickly.

If you can take you time and are not in a hurry, you could make a lot more money than with the quick flips.  Either way though, the product has a lot of value.

 2. Easy To Follow

The training is simple and easy to follow, however I would suggest that you skip the 1.5 hour live training in module 1 and go straight to module 2.

3. Reasonably Priced

You can’t go wrong with this product at a price of $7.  I’m confident that you can make some money with this if you just apply the training.

4. Valuable Upsells

Each upsell adds additional value as to what you can do with this product to increase the money you can make.

Sixty Minute Flips Cons

1. Difficult To Scale

You may have to buy many domains before you will find one that will bring a few hundred in profit.

2. Not A Full Time Business

This could be worked into a full time business but in my opinion it would be best used as a side hustle.  There are better and more lucrative ways to spend your time with a full time business.

3. Many Emails

Your inbox will be flooded with emails once you sign up, offering upsells.

4. Additional Software Needed

Yes, you can get some valuable training on how to flip domains using the initial product but the additional software will enhance your experience and is required to get full access of the product.


Over all, I think this course offers a lot of value for the money.  It teaches you exactly what you need to know for flipping domains and possibly making $700. in sixty minutes.  I will say however, I think you would be better served by creating a website with some content and selling it as a complete, functioning website or by using it as a niche site for yourself.

In any case, Sixty Minute Flips offers a great course for a very reasonable price.

On the other hand, if you’d like to create an online business of your own, that will earn you money for years to come, instead of always having to be searching for domaitosell, then check out my recommendation to learn how to build an online business today, that will sustain and earn you money for years into the future.

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My top recommendation won’t bring you instant gratification but rather evolves over time and will become a strong, lasting and successful online business that will sustain me for years to come.  You first must learn how it all works together.  There are many different things involved in creating a successful online business.

It’s not difficult to learn but there are many parts to learn and this all takes time.  The main thing to learn about making money online is that you have to be helpful to others in order to earn money.  People have problems and are looking for solutions.  By offering these solutions that can solve their problems, you will make money.  I know it sound s confusing but that’s why you need the training.  It clears everything up for you and teaches you exactly how to do it.

What I do to earn money as a work at home mom is AFFILIATE MARKETING.  It may sound scary if you don’t yet know what it is but it is the absolute best and easiest way to make money online.  The fact is, anyone can do what I do.  You don’t need any special skills and there is no particular education level required.  It just takes time, effort and dedication.

You simply take the training, one class at a time, on your own schedule.  You apply the training to your website as you go along.  You will be your own boss.  You set your hours.  You can start learning today and start creating a better life for tomorrow.

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