Online Flex Jobs: Is This Legit?

It’s good to be careful, especially when there are so many questionable make money online schemes these days and Online Flex Jobs is no different..Be diligent in doing your research before jumping into these programs.  In this review, we’ll look it over and give you our opinion.

Product Name: Online Flex Jobs


Price: Free  Not

Recommended: No

What Is Online Flex Jobs

Online Flex Jobs claims to be a job service.  They say they will quickly match you with flexible online jobs that fit your particular needs and that you can work at home.  They say they have connections to Fortune 500 companies and that some of the jobs come from them.  These are supposedly processing jobs but they don’t tell you how or what you’ll be processing.

According to Online Flex Jobs website, they say you can earn up to $876.50 a week and an hourly rate of between $18.50 to $29.90.  This looks very much like another scam site I have reviewed called Legit Flex Job Academy.

It all sounds good but lets check it out a little more before we sign on to something so sketchy.  From what I’ve found in other sites like this, it’s not exactly what it seems on the surface.

How Does it work

To get started you have to fill out an application just as with any other job you might apply for, but this application is very different.  It doesn’t ask for any type of work history or any of the other personal information that appears on a regular job app.  What it really looks like is an email sign up list form.   

When you fill in the form and send it, you’ll get a response saying that your application will be reviewed soon, but before you can move forward you’ll need to buy and install their anti-virus software because you’ll be working with sensitive information

If you already own the software and/or don’t purchase theirs, you will be unable to move forward.  The program won’t let you go any further.  They tell you that you will be reimbursed for the software as you move ahead, but is this a lie?

I’ve read things from others who say they they tried to get reimbursed and had no success with that.  They were told they would have to sign up for the affiliate program because all payments go through the affiliate program

I believe that’s just a trick to try to get you to sell the software to others so you will get a very small commission and the company will get the rest.  So far I have not been able to find any jobs here and I don’t think anyone else has.

  • Is Flex Jobs A Scam

This may or may not be a scam but I can tell you it is not a job placement service and if not a scam it is shady at the very least.  It appears to just be a website that sells anti-virus software recruits affiliate marketers.  Don’t be snookered into this sort of trickery.

  • There are some red flags to pay attention to when searching for legitimate online jobs: 
  • 1) Too vague, don’t explain how it works
  • 2) Want you to buy something or put money upfront
  • 3) Make claims you’ll make exaggerated amounts of money
  • 4)make claims you make money very quickly
  • Don’t get me wrong, you can make a lot of money working online but it won’t be quick.  There’s things you have to learn in order to make this big money.  See my top recommendation below for the best way to learn how to make money online.


My #1 recommendation



My #1 recommendation for making money online is Wealthy Affiliate.  It is possible to make a lot of money but there’s a lot to learn before that will happen.  That’s why I so strongly recommend Wealthy affiliate.  When you join Wealthy Affiliate you will find all the training you need in step by step lessons that will guide you on a straight path to become successful.

There’s two levels of memberships, one is free and the other is premium.  The comparison chart below will show you what you get with each.

  • There’s a lot to learn with the starter membership but when you’re ready there’s always the option to upgrade to premium.  No rush and no pressure.  Wealthy affiliate will show you exactly what you need to know to make money online and they’ll teach you just how to do it.


Never built a website before.  Don’t worry, Wealthy Affiliate makes it so easy that you can have it up and running in less than five minutes, plus I’ll meet you on the other side to give you a hand if you need it.

This is something you can trust.  I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for more than two years.  It wasn’t always easy because when I started I had no tech skills, I had no idea what SEO meant (search engine optimization), didn’t know how to use social media to help get traffic to my site.

Heck, I didn’t know anything about starting an online business but because they offered a free membership so that I could take a look inside and see what it was all about, I took a chance.  I trusted it because I didn’t need to add my credit card.  I knew as long as I didn’t have to add my credit card there was no way they could scam me.

I signed up, filled out my profile and started the “Online Entrepreneur Certification.  I was learning so fast and had my website up and running and was adding content. Before I knew it I had completed all the starter training and was hungry for more.

I think I upgraded to premium on the eighth day and I have never looked back.  I continued devour the training and work on my website.  I don’t know exactly when my website evolved from being just a website to becoming my successful online business.

I am proud to say that I am now a successful entrepreneur and I am so proud of my business.  I have a passive income that brings in money every single month.  It took time to learn it and it was hard work, if you can call sitting in your easy chair, sipping lattes in my fancy pants PJ’S working on my computer work.

All I’m saying is that you have nothing to lose.  Sign up for free, take a look around.  Fill out your profile so that others can communicate with you and help when you need it.




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