Millionaire Edge System Review: Future Millionaire Or Big Scam



Some People Make The Damndest Claims! Unbeleivable!


Millionaire Edge claims to have a sysrem that can bring in $10,000.00 a day or more for you.  Is it really true?  Of course not.

Hey, thanks for checking out my review of Millionaire Edge System.  I congratulate yon checking reviews before just leaping into such a product.

You’re probably as suspicious as I was after reading their intro and the claims they make about the amount of money you can make so quickly.  That’s good because it will save you from getting involved in any scams.

No worries though, I’ve checked it out thoroughly and I will give you the full scoop.

Millionaire Edge System Scam Review

Name: Millionaire Edge System
Website: There so many!
Price: $97 with heavy upsells
Owner: Unknown
Recommended? No

  1. What is Millionaire Edge System
  2. How Does It Work
  3. Is It A Scam
  4. Do This, Never Be Scammed Again


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What is Millionaire Edge System

Millionaire Edge System is a almost laughable scam, pure and simple.  The sales page speaks like a “get rich quick” scheme and makes mention of you having just won the lottery, congratulations and that your life has just been forever changed into what you have always dreamed of.

They use every psychological point in the book to suck you in.  They claim you can master this system in just six easy steps and start making over $10,000./day by this time next week.  Let me tell you, if that were true you wouldn’t be able to even get into their website would be crashing from overload of too many people trying to sign up.


How Does It Work

  • The Millionaire Edge System may or may not even still be around by the time you are reading this review, since other similar systems have already been shut down.  I really don’t see how any of them have stayed in business this long.

There is no way of knowing if this system really works. A guy shows you income statement screenshots in the video but these are probably fake just like the testimonials are fake.  It’s very easy to create those screenshot deposits and testimonials.

There is no proof that these are actually real. There is no sort of proof at all that any of what he says is real. However, I do have some proof that some of what this guy says is a lie.

First off, he tells you that you are number 68 out of 70 in line to get access to this special system. But this is not true. You could go into the site a hundred times and you’re always going to be number 68 out of 70. This is just false and is intended to get people to buy in as soon as possible.

All of the testimonial videos that they display are also completely fake. I knew as soon as I saw these videos of people claiming they are making tons of money with this system that they were fake. I knew they were fake because I recognized some of the people in these videos.

They are not real members of the system. Instead, they are paid actors from the digital marketplace called Fiverr. Fiverr is a place where you can hire people to create promotional videos and a variety of other things. These people are nothing more than paid actors who are saying what they are getting paid to say.

I have been the victim of several scams online myself and very quickly learned how to recognize a scam.  They all have similar traits that you can look out for.  You have to be very careful when choosing an online business platform.

The back office system will pretty much all be done for you and you’ll also get a mentor to help you out, but the truth is the mentor just turns out in reality to be a Sales Rep

In the video, they say they give you a millionaire mentor but that’s a lie.  They will be constantly be trying to sell YOU thousands of dollars for high ticket programs that use a licensing rights model where you have to buy all the products you want to earn commissions from.


Is Millionaire Edge System A Scam


Millionaire Edge System Review


I think we can easily reach the conclusion that Millionaire Edge System is a scam.  There is no platform or program out there that will start you making $10,000./day in less than a week or even a month, and probably wouldn’t even happen in a year.

If that have folks that are really making that kind of money, why are they use fake deposit documents and fake testimonials. You can bet they would be using the real deal if they actually had it to use.



Educate Yourself and Never Be Scammed Again

There are some things that you can look out for.  Have you heard the saying, If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck.  Well, that applies to scams to.  If they sound too good to be true, then they probably are not true.

If a program promises that you will make thousands of dollars in a day or a week or even a month when you are just starting out, it’s just not true. If it were true everyone would be doing it.  That would be to amazing for anyone to keep a secret like that.  It would be all over the internet.

When I review a product like this I go in with a mind set that it is a scam and I search for something that will prove me wrong.  Believe me when I tell you, I Want To Be Wrong.  I want to become rich overnight just like everyone else.  In my reviews, I turn the program inside out and upside down in the hopes of finding something that will make me rich.

So far I have not found that product.  I do make money online but it took a long time before I earned my first buck and even longer before I started earning a steady monthly income.

My message to you is, just be careful and do lots of research and arm yourself with the knowledge that as much as we wish, things just don’t normally come that easy!


My #1 recommendation







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