Leveraged Breakthrough System Review 2018: Jackpot or Scam

Is Leveraged Breakthrough System a Scam

In this Leveraged Breakthrough System Review I’ll go over what this system is about, how it works and my personal opinion as to whether you should or shouldn’t join.

Leveraged Breakthrough System: Review

PRODUCT: Leveraged Breakthrough System

WEBSITE: leveragedbreakthrough.com

PRICE: $3,247.00 to $21,847.00


LEGIT OR SCAM: debatable

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Are you excited to start making thousands of dollars using the Leveraged Breakthrough System? Well hang on, slow down and take a deep breath. Of course it’s a decision you will make but it should at least it can be an educated decision.

I’m going to show you things they won’t tell you, and that’s why this system won’t be sustainable for the long haul. Over the years I’ve seen many programs come and go and this is just another high ticket program that won’t last.

They claim to have an amazing secret formula to get you started making thousands of dollars online within just days, not months or years of joining them. They’ll also throw in a “success coach” that will do most of the work for you.

The way the system works is you first have to buy a membership before you can make any money. The membership prices range from $3,247.00 up to $21,847.00.

Then after you are a member, the way you make money is by selling others those high priced memberships. At that price, do really think you are going to be able to sell any memberships.

My recommended program.

PROS: Yes, it is possible to make money. Anything is possible, miracles do happen, albeit rarely.

CONS: Memberships are extremely expensive and totally not affordable to most trying to get started

Resembles a pyramid scheme

Other programs like this have already been shut down

It’s harder than it looks. How many people do you think will buy a membership to something so expensive, and

looks so shady.


Stick to a Reliable Business Model

A reliable business model will guide you through the program with goo training and help that will steer you on a path to success. They won’t tell it will happen overnight or even in a day or two. What they will tell you is that it is a slow process and you will need to establish trust and gain traffic to your website before you can achieve success.

Take a look and see if this is what you are looking for.

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The thing is, by using a good reliable program to begin with, you’ll be learning skills that will sustain you for a lifetime. No, you won’t get there overnight but your business will continue to grow and will be everlasting with very little effort, once it is set up properly.

If you keep falling for the get-rich-quick schemes, you’ll just continue throwing your money down the drain and running into more and more scams.

If you really want to make money online that will sustain you over the years, then you need to build your own online business that will attract it’s own free traffic and you want have to spend a penny on advertising.

As I’ve said before, making money online is harder than it looks and takes more time than just a week or two. If you are serious about wanting to make money online and you’re willing to put in the time and give it your all, then click below and get the training that will get you there. Proper training and time are the key!

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Other Pyramid Scheme programs are being shut down, yes, they have been sued and shut down by the FTC. You may argue that they are not pyramid schemes, the FTC doesn’t agree with you.


Leveraged Breakthrough A Scam? Let’s take a look.

It is in the realm of possibility to make money with this program so I can’t label it as a scam but it sure does have all the characteristics and embellishments of a scam, so therefore it is certainly NOT something I can recommend. I think there would be great risk in putting your hard-earned money into such a program

It is easily a program that could possibly be shut down before you even have an opportunity to make any money back. It’s just not worth the risk.


You Can Make Money Online Without Paying Thousands

You can actually make really good money online without breaking your bank or spending your retirement funds. My all time, over the top, recommended program, will include all the training, tools, support and everything that you will need to guide you on a path to success and you will learn skills that will last you a lifetime of online success.

The training I recommend includes How to Get Started, How to build a website, How to get traffic, How to use Social Media, How to Write content the proper way and the biggy, How To Make Money.

My recommended program has a free starter membership as well. Yes it’s true. You will not be ask for a credit card. The free membership includes building two free websites as you go through the first ten lessons of the training.

Now, although it’s called a starter membership, you can keep this free membership and two websites forever. You just want be able to use some of the very valuable tools and some more advanced traing.

The starter membership is meant to give folks a chance to go into the site and have time to look it all over, see what others are doing, see how much training is available and how many free tools are included.

When and if you decide that the value is there and you want to go premium, you can do so with confidence that it is not a scam. It is a try before you buy.

After all the scams I had run into on my search for the right program, I would never have joined a program without a free trial period. It gave me the confidence I needed to try it. The thing that sealed the deal for me was that I could join for free and see if it was what I wanted before putting out any money. It was exactly what I wanted and I’m still here starting a few months into my third year.

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2 thoughts on “Leveraged Breakthrough System Review 2018: Jackpot or Scam”

  1. This business supposedly sells Business and personal development e-books, but that is just a small part of the business. The primary focus of the business is to join at anywhere from a $3500 to $21000 level for the opportunity recruit others to do the same for you.
    The Leveraged Breakthrough System website is very persuasive. Once you receive an invitation email or phone call from a member you are directed to the website. If your invitation is from a retired Army non-commissioned officer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida be very careful. In case you don’t decide to join right away you will receive many emails from him (they are set up on an auto responder), on a daily basis for 20 days, encouraging you to take action and join. You will also receive emails from showing him receiving thousands of dollars a day or week and how easy it is. One of the email said he would show me how to make “one sale a week”.
    Once I actually joined by sending him $7,000.00 I was set up on the system and given 3 marketing sources. One was a text messaging service that sent text messages to prospects, a service that left voicemails for prospects, and a postcard mailing service. And that was it!! There was no follow up from the retired Army non-commissioned officer. No coaching on how to do this marketing thing for the best results. No checking in on me to see how it was going. He did not show me how to make that “one sale a week”. I did not hear from him unless I emailed him. The response I got was usually only one or two sentences.
    After 3 months where I spent close to $2000.00 on marketing I emailed him about my lack of results. His response was to give me a fourth marketing service. This one was a ringless voicemail service. I found out the hard way that I had to pay for this service plus pay another lead generating service to supply the leads for the ringless voicemail service to use. I sent out approximately 12,000 ringless voicemails and got 6 possible leads. That’s a 0.0007% response rate. That is beyond pathetic!! The sales rep for the ringless voicemail service said I needed to send out at least 50,000 to get any kind of better response.
    I sent the retired Army non-commissioned officer an email about my dissatisfaction with this endeavor and his response was to go on the attack telling me “I am not going to chase after you. You need to get control of your life and your business”. I asked for a refund and of course, he said no.

    There is an old wise saying “a fool (in this case me) and his money are soon parted!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DON’T YOU BE THE NEXT FOOL!!

    • Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment Mike. I am so sorry for your loss of money from that site. That’s my purpose for being here and writing these reviews. I hope to save others from being scammed or loosing their money. We live and learn. Hope you have much success ahead. Blessings to you! Fran


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