How To Write Engaging Content: Grab Your Audience Attention


writing engaging contentWriting content doesn’t have to be scary.  You just need to know the formula that will make it flow and it should be fun. Writing content is so scary and difficult for so many people.


writers block

They sit down to type but the words just won’t come.  We’re told our content should be captivating and engaging.  What is engaging content ?  This article is going to teach you exactly what engaging content is and how to write it in your blog or on your website.



Choose A Subject of interest To Your Reader

Before you start writing, do your research.  See what subjects people are searching for that are relevant to your blog or website.  Folks are looking for solutions to problems and information about products.

They need our help.  That’s the goal of writing content in the first place is to help our readers.  A few things to keep in mind when writing your articles.

    • Choose your subject and  stick to it
    • Keep your article clean with lots of white space
    • Don’t be long-winded, they’re not reading a book
    • Keep it interesting, don’t bore them to death, tell stories
    • Don’t be the dreaded salesman, save that for your sales page
    • Bring in a personal element, let them know you’re one of them, you’ve been there xx



Keep Your Article Clean

Keep your article clean with lots of white space.  The most easily readable articles are written with black text on white background.  the text just seems to pop when it is black on a white ground.  It looks clean, it’s easy to read and it’s easy for the reader to skim over and see what the article is about.




Don’t Be Long Winded, Keep it Interesting

Your reader came to your website to find information, not to read a book.  keep it short and sweet with just the solution to the problem.  Some bloggers try to stretch out the content just to get the article up to what they think is the proper word count.

Readers will figure out that that is happening when you start to bore them to death.  They’re smart people and will leave your website.



Don’t Be The Dreaded Salesman

If you are into affiliate marketing, you’re always tempted to try to show all your affiliate programs to every visitors  Don’t!  No-one wants to be slapped with a bunch of advertising gooble-de-goop when they are search for info on a serious problem.

There is a time and a place for that.  That’s what your sales pages or landing pages are for.  Use them.




Get Personal

No, I don’t mean that you should disclose your life history but it’s okay to show some empathy.  Let your reader know that you feel their pain, that you’ve been there.

Tell a story.  If you have had an experience with the same kind of problem, you can tell your story and let them know what path you took to solve the problem.

Writing A Good Article

Your formula to writing a good article should include:

One idea, One concept, One call to action

Less is more, keep your paragraphs short, short words and short sentences

Use compassionate tones so your reader feels you speak from the heart

Use a few great images that are relevant to the subject

Be uplifting, it creates positive energy

Appeal to the senses

Use comforting words

Write captivating headlines

Include keywords in title and first paragraph

Tell interesting stories if relevant



What Is Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is content written on a subject or product that will always be available such as health, wealth, fitness, love and romance.  Yes, new solutions and products will happen but these subjects will always and forever be there for the writing, and likely no matter what you have written it will probably hold true or can easily be updated.  This is good for long term blogs and websites because they can remain for the duration of the website.


search engine optimization

Writing For Seo

When writing your content for SEO, (search engine optimization), be sure you have done the proper research for your keywords.  Also make sure you insert your keywords into the title, the first paragraph and I also like to add them again to the last paragraph.  I like to use long tail keywords when possible as they are usually less competitive.  For the beginners out there, long tail keywords are keyword phrases that contain four or more words.

Another point to keep in mind is the length of your article.  Yes, even the shortest article is better than no article at all but it is a tried and true, proven fact that the longer your article is the more credibility it gains.  It really should be at least 1,000 words but 2,000 or more is the best as long as it is all relevant.

As soon as you have published your new article of content you need to post to all your social media accounts including tweeting your heart out on twitter.  By this I mean, use the title of your article, then, your link to the article  in the words, Want to know more.




One last thing I should tell you is, don’t forget to edit your content before you push that publish button.  Have you ever gone to a website to read some content and find it full of spelling and grammatical errors.  How does that make you feel.  my first thought when I arrive at content like this is that the writer is uneducated, unprofessional and the content is probably a waste of time.  I leave the site.

So to sum it up, keep it interesting, add feeling, show you care, edit before you publish, research your keywords and insert in the right places and write long enough articles to give the information the reader is searching for

Content is your silent sales person.  If written properly, your content will sell your product for you.  You won’t need to spend a dime on advertising.  If not written properly it can also be your worst enemy.

Take your time and do it right the first time.  Your readers will thank you.

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