The Secret and Magical Component To Success

The Secret and Magical Component To Success


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I’m going to tell you exactly what it takes to become a successful Affiliate Marketer.  You might actually be surprised.


First Steps To Success

When I first started out trying to make my way on the internet, be able to stay home and raise my daughter, I was offered a lot of advice from this one and that one.  I was so stubborn though that I didn’t listen.  I thought I knew a better way.  I really knew almost nothing about how the internet works and absolutely nothing about how affiliate marketing works.

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As time went on and I had no success, I started to search for ways to make my online business work.  The thought eventually came to me that maybe I could find a few people who were successful and follow their example.  (I started using my mind)

You see we all have success within us.  If you are willing to give it time, have patience and are open to ideas success will happen.  The secret and Magical component is our MIND.  There really is no secret and magical component.  We have always had our brilliant mind but were just too stubborn to use it.  We try to rush success.  We must allow success to take it’s course.  Let it follow the proper path and it will happen naturally.

Power Of Positivity
Success is a mindset, a belief, knowing that if we stay on our path, success will come.  We must keep our mind positive.  No good comes from having envy for the success of others.  Instead of envy, which turns to negativity, we should study what brought them to the point of success.  Don’t be a victim, use that brilliant mind of yours.  I finally discovered taht the first steps to success is keeping a positive mind and believing in yourself.


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Learn to think long term

Make a plan and stick to it.  Know that in the end you will reach your goals and dreams.  When you find yourself thinking negative thoughts, immediately reverse it and think of something positive.  If you practice this long enough, eventually it will become habit.

Understand What People Want
People are searching online for a way to become successful just like you.  They find loads of information but it is confusing and overwhelming.  Your job is to let them know that you will sort it all out for them.  You will simplify the information and show them a simple path to finding success.  You must deliver the goods with truth and sincerity.  You can’t use gimmicks.  You must let them know that there is no magic bullet.  Only patience, time and hard work will bring you to a successful online business.

The Process
There is a Process you must follow to reach a positive end result.  You can’t rush the process.  You must allow it to run the course.

You have to decide what you want your business to be. (What is your niche)

You choose a domain name. (This should be relevant to your niche)

You find A hosting company (this is where you website will live on the internet)

You build your website ( I suggest using the wordpress platform)

You choose a theme (this will create the look of your website)

You set-up some pages (Start with an about page to tell folks who you are and what you’re about)

You write some content on your pages

You install some needed plugins

You optimize your website for search engines


Write Amazing Content

Now you are ready to start writing amazing and engaging, content that will draw visitors to your website, through search engine searches, so that you can give them the help that they are searching for.  Stay focused and keep your eye on the prize. This is where the time thing comes into play.  The search engines don’t just immediately put you on the top of the heap.

Search Engines
It takes Amazing and engaging content to get ranked in google and until you master that type of content, you are not going to gain visitors to your website.  You also have to use every opportunity that is available to make your self shine in googles eyes such as completing the meta data for every page and post.

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Keep yourself out in front of the game by writing frequently, like if you can post everyday that is perfect. but at least two or three times a week.  It is also suggested that your ideal post should be around one thousand words.  Be sure that you do plenty of research before you write your articles to make sure everything in the article is correct.  This is a major trait in gaining trust in your site as an authority resource.  Don’t expect a flood of traffic to your website as soon as it is up and running.  Floods are scary and messy anyway.  A slow and steadily increasing drip is much better.  It shows that success wasn’t just a quick and disappearing fluke but instead that you are doing the right thing to build a steady as she goes, growing business that will sustain over time.

Set Your Money Making Goals

Okay, you have set your amazing foundation for success.  Now to achieve success you need to do some goal setting.  Lets’ face it, aside from helping others reach their goals, your main goal is to make money.  So how do you make money?  Their are numerous ways to make money working from home.  below are a few ways:

You can make money letting others place ads on you blog.

You can make cash or get free stuff doing product reviews on your blog.

You can be a content writer for others to earn money

You can write and sell your own ebooks

You can write and sell training courses

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing, That’s my favorite way of making money online because it is the easiest.  There are so many other ways to make money with your website.  The key though is, Do Not monetize your website until you have traffic coming to it.  It doesn’t have to be droves of traffic, but you need to know that you are getting some and that google is recognizing that your site is credible.  This is an example of where patience comes in.  It is just normal, once your site is done, to want to start monetizing.
So to sum it up, success is already within all of us.  Using your brilliant mind is the magic ingredient.  Stay focused, keep your eye on the prize.  Be patient, don’t expect overnight success.  If you never allow quitting to be an option, you cannot fail.

There’s no better time than now to get started.  It’s free to start.  No credit card required.  Click the banner below!


Blessings to each and everyone who reads this article

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