Millionaire’s Brain Academy Review: Legit Or Scam

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The Millionaire’s Brain Academy is a self help product that will help you get a millionaire’s brain so you can also earn like them.  Will this really help you make money online?

Product: Millionaire’s Brain Academy


Owner: Winter Vee

Price: $47.

Recommended: No

What is Millionaire’s Brain Academy?

millionaire brain academy

Millionaire’s Brain Academy is an online course making loads of money by maintaining a positive mindset.  You will be using the e-book that comes with the system as well as a workbook and a few bonuses that also come with the package for your learning pleasure.

The e-book is 120 pages packed full of creative thinking ideas and exercises to change your current mindset and get you thinking like a millionaire.  This means that you will let go of all negativity, and begin your journey to a new way of thinking, a new mindset if you will.

You will look at successful people and mimic their actions.  Act like them.  Try to learn everything you can about them and copy what they do.  Act like you are a millionaire.

Rid yourself of all bad habits and negativity.  It helps to freshen your mind and opens it up to positivity.



How Does Millionaire’s Brain Academy Work


The main goal of the Millionaire’s Brain Academy seems to be beseeching the reader about the Law of Attraction-the belief that if you want something and you want it hard enough, it will eventually come to you. You simply need to use your positive energy to bring more positive energy your way. If this is something you believe in, this program will really speak to you.

In Millionaire’s Brain Academy you will learn how to create wealth in your life by learning how millionaires think and act and then copy their habits.

The first chapter in the book is about mastering your own destiny.  It teaches that the choices you make can lead to success or failure and you must take responsibility for the actions you take.

You will always be rewiring and reshaping your brain and learning new strategies for success.

You’ll also get some bonuses to help you get started in changing your mindset.

You get the Brain Optimizer notebook which will give you positive affirmations, activities, meditations, and other exercises to follow in order to get the most for your money.

Millionaires Brain Academy Review

Next is the Money Code book.  With this book, you will learn how to make your money work for you. Adjustments will need to be made as you start to make more money, you will need to learn how to handle it so that it stays with you and grows. This part of the course covers that for you.

Last is the Millionaire Mindset. This is an audio program you will use to wire your brain into the mindset of a true millionaire. It syncs up your brain hemispheres, and gives you access to heightened creativity, intuition, and and intelligence. You will learn the patterns of the millionaire mind and make them your own.

Millionaire’s Brain Academy Pros & Cons

Let’s check out the pros and cons of the program, so that you can make an educated decision.


  • You will learn the 7 key thoughts, attitudes and habits of the rich.
  • You will get a focus on what you need, and what you want, to become the millionaire you deserve to be and attract even more success.
  • You will have an easier time planning your financial future.
  • You will learn how to make money at any time, even when you are asleep.
  • You will learn how to succeed and achieve your purpose in life.
  • The changes you make will subtly start to impact your life in a positive way.


  • The program seems to imply that just by reading it, you will become very rich. No, you have to put in the work and follow the advice to become rich.
  • One slogan of the eBook is “Go from Broke to Millionaire in 10 Days!” That is not possible in most cases.
  • The videos are rather long at times, the first one being 36 minutes. You cannot skip the sales videos.
  • You initially are told that the price is $197. Then you go to leave, and they slash it to $47. Do they not believe the product is worthy of the price?
  • There is no print version of this book. You can only buy it online.

Is Millionaire’s Brain Academy A  Scam

No, I don’t think Millionaire’s Brain Academy is a scam.  There is certainly some valuable information in this product.  It never hurts anyone to learn how be more positive.

As far as making money, a positive attitude is an asset when trying to make money.  Positivity breeds positivity.  I don’t believe that this product will make you a millionaire, ever, but you might make some money using what you learn with this product.

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