How To Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

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I’m guessing you are here because you are searching for how to make money online with affiliate marketing and have probably heard that Affiliate Marketing is the best and most lucrative way to do that.  Lets dive in and see what affiliate marketing is all about.

If you want to know how to make money online with affiliate marketing, you’ve come to the right place.  We’ll break it down into the four sections below:

What is affiliate marketing

How does affiliate marketing work

Learning how to be successful with affiliate marketing.

Can I really make money with affiliate marketing


affiliate marketing, make money onlineWhat Is Affiliate Marketing

The most simplistic way to explain affiliate marketing is, you’ll be promoting other peoples products in exchange for a commission.  Of course it’s a little more complicated than that and there is a lot more to it but it’s really a very simple process.

Just because it’s a simple process and easy to learn doesn’t mean it’s not hard work.  You really do work hard to gain success but once it’s going strong you can slow down and enjoy the fruits of your labor.  This is when we call it passive income.  What that means is, you’ve worked hard, you’ve made a success of your business, and it can run quite smoothly on it’s own with very little effort from you.

Once it’s all set up and becomes passive income, a lot of others go ahead and start a second, third or even many other businesses, one at a time.  Once it runs smoothly, it’s easy to run many seperate businesses.


How Does Affiliate Marketing Work

The way it works

In order to make affiliate marketing work you really do need to have a website.  I know, I hear people say all the time that you don’t have to have a website but I think you do. You first have to make a decision about what type of products you will want to promote on your website

Once you have decided what type of products you will be promoting, then you have to search for products of that type that have affiliate programs for you to join.  You’ll go ahead and choose your products and get them on your website.

Now that you have products on your website you have to take the next step which is getting traffic to your website.  You see, without traffic, there’s no one to see or buy the product.  But how do I get traffic, you ask?  This is what we will learn in the next paragraph.


Learning How To Be Successful With Affiliate Marketing

As I said above, you need traffic to make money online.  There are several factors involved in getting traffic.

Here are some factors involved in getting traffic:

  1. Awesome content
  2. Keyword research
  3. Website layout
  4. Social Media
  5. Optimization
  6. Paid ads

Of course there are many ways to get traffic and I have only listed a few here but I’ll show you where to find more information about getting traffic to your website and I’ll also go into more detail below.

Writing Interesting, Relevant And Awesome

When you write relevant, interesting content on your website and use keywords that people are searching for, it will bring visitors to your website.  Once you have gained the trust of your visitors, they will start to convert into sales.

The way you gain the trust of your visitors is by writing helpful content.  People search on google and other search engines to find subjects they are interested in and are brought to your website.  If you give them the help they are looking for, you will gain their trust and the next time they need help they will return to your site to look for help.

keyword searchKeyword Research

Keywords are the words folks use to search the search engines when they are looking for answers.  There are tools available to research the value of keywords that are appropriate for the subject you want to write about.  My favorite keyword to is Jaaxy.  There are many other tools out there but this is the one that has worked best for me.

Website Layout

Website layout is another important factor to keeping visitors on your website and having them return to your site.  Ease of use is important to layout.  When you go to a site that’ difficult to navigate or hard to find your way around you probably won’t stay on the site very long.

It should also be aesthetically pleasing as well.  That means easy on the eyes.  It should be neat and uncluttered and easy to read.  I’ve found that sites with a white background with black text is easiest for me to read.

Social Media 

Using Social Media is a great way to get your website out there in the online world.  Using Social Media is time consuming so you should use it wisely.  It can bring a lot of visitors to your site though so it is worth while.


Optimization is done by using all the other tools combined to allow search engines to find and rank your website.  S.E.O. (search engine optimization) is extremely important with affiliate marketing.  If you don’t get ranked in search engines you don’t get visitors and if you have no visitors, you have no buyers.

moneyCan I really make money with affiliate marketing

Yes, you can really make money with affiliate marketing and lots of it.  In fact the sky is the limit to how much money you can make.  The thing is, a lot of people go into affiliate marketing thinking it will happen overnight.

They see all the scams online and how they say you can make thousands overnight and the fall for it.  The reality is that’s not how it works.  It takes time to create a website and gain the trust it takes before you can make any money.

So many people try to go into affiliate marketing with absolutely no knowledge of how it works or how to accomplish success.  Training is available but so many want instant gratification and when they don’t get it they just give up.

Affiliate Marketing is one way that anyone can become rich.  You don’t need high level of education, you don’t need a ton of tech skills or any specific requirements.  All you need is training, commitment and determination.  The best thing about it is you can work anywhere as long as you have a computer and an internet connection.

You cannot rush success with affiliate marketing but if get the proper training it can be life changing.  I’ve been making money online for many years but just started affiliate marketing about a year ago.

You can use the same training that I used to achieve your own success and start living the life of your dreams.  You can join for free and start the training right now.  If you follow the training step by step the way it is offered and complete each task along the way you really can’t fail.

As I said, you can join for free and tart the training as well as get a free website up and running.  You can stay a free member for as long as you like.  It’s not a free trial, there is no time limit, it’s free but there is also a premium membership if you want to move forward with more advanced training.

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