Google Is A Gift; Use It Wisely

google imageWhat is the best way to make money online
If you want to work online with your home business, you can turn to Google Search and look for entrepreneur program. There are literally hundreds of them out there . You’ll get great ideas from a Google search.

Website marketing is not a new thing. It’s been around for a long time but certainly, in recent years, more and more people are turning to self employment and work at home businesses on the internet.

Before you can get started with your home based business there are a few things you must get done… The groundwork, so to speak.

1. Find a niche

2. Get a domain name

3. Build a website

Then the real work begins!

4. Get traffic

How do you get traffic to your website
1. Make your website clean and simple (Google likes that)

2. Write extraordinary content that will rank in Google (Google likes that)

3. Be very active on social media and use it to the fullest ( Google likes that)

4. Gain followers (Google likes that)

Okay, now you are starting to get a little traffic to your site. You can go ahead and slowly start to monetize your site such as adding ad-sense. Don’t bombard your site all at once with ads all over every page. I have seen some sites that are nothing but ads strung all over every page and no content at all. I leave those sites immediately. I’m looking for help and information, not a bunch of ads.

The real answer here is, everything leads back to google. If your site is clean and simple to read, your content is great and of interest to your readers, you are connecting and gaining followers on social media, you are optimizing your site for SEO, you are going to rank in Google. The traffic will come and you will achieve great success. Thank you Google!

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