The Power Of Positive Thinking: Set Your Affirmations

The Power Of Positive Thinking is the best-seller book written by Norman Vincent Peale many years ago. This book sold millions of copies, but most of all, it is said to have helped so many men and women reach their goals of success and live their dreams. It is truly amazing how positive thoughts and attitude can literally change lives and bring success, both physically and emotionally.

Positive Thinking Attitude
If you Practice keeping a Positive Thinking Attitude and apply the physical elements of hard work, the sky is the limit to what you can achieve.


Think about the times when you have an experience where when one thing goes wrong, you start to have negative feelings, and the more negativity you feel the more it builds until eventually it seems the bottom just falls out and nothing good will ever happen again. You have the feeling of impending doom.




You try to just ignore your situation. You’ve given up at this point because you know you have lost control.

negative thinking

Maybe a family member or friend notices and comes to your rescue. That tiny bit of attention lifts your spirits a bit and brings a few positive thoughts again. You get your head on straight again and things start to slowly improve.




Importance Of A Positive Attitude
You’ve finally regained your senses and remember the Importance Of A Positive Attitude. Good things start to happen again and all is right with the universe. It’s so easy to lose sight of what it takes to achieve success in our lives. You have to practice maintaining positivity every moment so you never give negativity to enter the equation.  A positive attitude helps with stress management, helps you cope, brings optimism into your life,makes you feel happy, wards off negative thoughts and people just like you more when you show a positive attitude.

How To Have And Keep A Positive Attitude
It is so very important for us to learn How To Have And Keep A Positive Attitude. It doesn’t just happen. It requires constant practice. Practice makes perfect! We must keep our eye on the ball, so to speak. Let nothing get in your way.

Remove yourself from negativity. You may even have a family member that you love greatly but they are very negative. You can still love them but you have to let them know that you can’t participate in negative attitudes. Be on guard and don’t let the negative attitudes of others enter or influence your mind or your life.

Spend as much time as possible around super positive people. It will enhance your own positivity. A positive mind is conducive to a feeling of peace, more energy and better health.

Positivity is an attitude that can be learned when practiced.

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