Today I’m going to be showing you one of the best ways to monetize your website with affiliate marketing. While there are so many ways to monetize a website, I really don’t think any other way comes close to being as great as affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is so great because once you get it all set up it can be a source of passive income for years to come with very little effort.

Affiliate marketing programs make it easy to build a very lucrative online business.




What is affiliate marketing, you ask. The answer is, it’s a very simple process where you promote other people’s (or Company’s) products, usually on a website through links to the product. When someone goes to your website, clicks on a link and buys the product, you, then, earn a commission. Simple, right?




1) First, affiliate Marketing is very lucrative, when done right

2)It’s a very simple process meaning there is a simple structure to the process

3)There is no inventory to stock, store or ship. That means you don’t need extra storage space.

4) There is little to no investment

5) No need to deal with customer service

6) Once set up, it’s a passive income for years to come




There are so many affiliate marketing programs out there and commissions vary widely. There are also affiliate networks who may represent many individual affiliate programs. Not all programs will accept you on first try. Most expect you to have a decent amount of traffic coming to your website before you apply.

On the other hand some programs will accept about anyone who applies. These are usually newer programs.

Another thing you will want to consider is, not all affiliate programs are created equal when it comes to commissions. Some pay much higher commissions than others.

Commissions are not the only thing to consider. Some companies, such as Amazon, are so well-known, trusted and have a very large following. The commissions may be lower on certain products but you may get more sales due to the trust factor.

A few of the more popular Affiliate Networks are Commission Junction, currently known as CJ Affiliates by Conversant, Click Bank, Share A Sale and Amazon Associates.

There are also a lot of private affiliate programs, some offering great commissions, see a few of these listed below.

1. Blue Host

2. Hostgator

3. Fiverr

4. Wealthy Affiliate

There are also many private programs to choose from. If you are having trouble finding affiliate programs that are right for your site, just google the name of a product, then leave a space, then affiliate. (example: keurig coffee brewer affiliate). If they have an affiliate program it will show in the page that opens for the product.

Once you have all your affiliate programs figured out, it’s time for a break, right?…………Nope, not so fast. The real work starts now. Your affiliate links will be of no value unless you promote them.

The way you can promote them is by writing awesome content about the product, showing your audience how they can benefit by using the product and showing them why they need it or what problem it will solve for them.





1) Identify a problem your visitor is experiencing

2) Identify a solution for their problem

3 Explain how and why the solution solves the problem

4) Offer a few alternatives and identify which solution is best for the visitor




I have only shared the tip of the iceberg with you here today because there is just so much you need to know about the process of affiliate marketing. If you truly want to be successful and start an online business that will sustain for years and years to come, then I recommend a more in depth training.

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