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Make Money OnlineCan I Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

Can I make money from affiliate marketing you ask and the answer is yes, if you just don’t try to rush it, anyone can. The biggest problem is that most people start up at website and expect to start making money in a few days, a week, or a month.

The bold truth is there are a lot of things that have to be done before you will start making money. You have to invest yourself for the long-term. When people try to rush the process that usually just ends in failure.

You have to take the time to learn the strategies involved in affiliate marketing before you will make any money. There is an old saying, “if it’s worth doing,” it’s worth doing right. This is never been more true but it is with affiliate marketing.

The truth is if you will put in the time and the work on the front end you can make huge amounts of money and later you can just ride the success train with very little work. It will become a passive income.

I love living the laptop lifestyle but it’s still is a job and it is a lot of work the first few years, until your income grows to where you want it to be. I wouldn’t trade this lifestyle for anything but it didn’t happen overnight. It’s hard work in the beginning but it is so worth it and so rewarding.

I love that I can put my work away when one or two of my grandsons pop in for a visit. (I have six) Two of them have seen what I do and are already getting their own marketing businesses started while they are in college.

By the time they graduate they will have their businesses producing a good income and will never have to join the rat race if they don’t want to. At least they will have options.


Make Money OnlineHow much money can you make from affiliate marketing

Asking how much money can you make from Affiliate Marketing is like asking how high is the sky but I hear the question all the time. The fact is you really can make as much as you want.

The sky is the limit if you’re willing to work for it. The more work you put into it the more you get out of it. The more you learn about it the better you get at it.

A lot of people have trouble writing content in the beginning. The more you write the better you get at it and a lot of people even start to enjoy the writing over time. At least it becomes a lot easier.


timeHow Long Does It Take To Be Successful At Affiliate Marketing

Again, there is really not a definite answer to how long it takes to achieve success as an affiliate marketer. It really depends on how much time you can put into it. You can’t rush it.

You need to find some really good training that covers all the aspects of affiliate marketing. One such place is wealthy affiliate. That’s where I learned everything I know about it.

You can get a website up and running as you are going through the training. It really helps to learn how it works when you can work on your own site as you are learning the process.

You need to learn how to get the traffic to your site first before you start putting affiliate links up. You’ll also need to get your site ready for search engines. The search engines are where your visitors / traffic come from. People search for something and if you have the most relevant answers you will get the visitor to your website.


What Is The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners

It differs from one marketer to another as to which affiliate programs they choose to promote. To be successful you should choose a handful of great programs that you enjoy promoting.

If you don’t trust or like a product it will show in your promotions and that would be detrimental to your success. There are thousands of products out there for you to choose from.

You might like having all your products in one place by using a network platform such as ClickBank or Amazon or ShareASale. It’s may be more convenient to have them all in one place. Others prefer to promote individual products like Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy, (which is a keyword research tool).

The main thing is that you should choose products that you believe in and like. That will come across to your readers that you really love the product and will make them at least want to check it out.

There is so much money to be made out there, that is just waiting to be taken. If you just take the time and follow the process, don’t rush it and learn the proper way to do it.


The process

Start the process by signing up for some great training like at Wealthy Affiliate. Choose a Niche and a Domain Name, install a website and follow the training.

I start my new websites by setting up a few pages such as home, contact, privacy policy and an About Me post.  Then I write a little story about myself to give a little personal touch.

Once that is done I work on optimizing the site for search engines and creating a sitemap. Then I write a few post/articles that tell what my website is about. 

Your content should always be relevant to what you’ll be doing on your site. At this point don’t add affiliate links. You’ll know when the time is right when you start seeing a sizable amount of traffic or visitors coming to your site.

If you start putting up affiliate links to soon Google will take it as you trying to “play the system” so to speak and will frown on that. They need to find the value in your website before they will send visitors to you. It could slow the whole process to a screeching halt if that happens and you will have a hard time reaching success. 



So in conclusion, don’t go into this blindly. If you want to do this and be successful then learn the proper way to do it first. Don’t be in a hurry because it won’t happen overnight.

It takes time to set your site up the right way and to gain the trust of your visitors. They won’t click on your links if they don’t trust you. Online visitors are growing in numbers constantly and are also getting smarter with their shopping habits.

Once they learn that they can trust you they will come back again and again. Choose only products you know and love to offer to your visitors. Most of all, don’t sell.   Instead help folks solve a problem and you will never have to sell anything.

People are searching for Solutions or ways to live a better life. You can help them do that and that is the secret sauce to your success.

Let’s make money online!

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